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  1. Hello I have used various levels of DW for as long as 25 years. Old versions with valid reg numbers bought cheaply from eBay. Recently had to reinstall Win 10, and when I reloaded DW 2004 it wouldn't allow me to connect to register/activate it. They told me, after a lengthy chat, that DW is now a subscription service and apparently I am no longer able to use the program I own. My very few sites are very primitive, and my needs for an editor are quite simple. I use tables for layout (DON'T YELL AT ME!) and assemble pages of pictures and words and links, with fonts and colors till it looks like a six-yr-old did it. This suffices for me. I've gotten quite handy on DW for the level I need to use it. My wife dabbled with Expression Web for a time. I could not help her with it. Too much proprietary procedure and language. I hated it. Actually, I resented it. Point is, is there a WYSIWYG program that can be used at a simple level, not any serious learning curve of proprietary whatsit; not bound to their own templates? Can I start with a blank page and fill it in any way I want? Best, very best, would be something in which I can just open my own pages from my own sites and continue to edit them. Seems hard to tell any of this from the online descriptions. For instance: www.dennisdasaro.com Gosh, I hope someone has a nice simple solution. Thanks!
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