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  1. Hi Wickham, Many thanks for the speedy response. I believe that it is the second example that I am looking to achieve and I have set the footer to be positioned from the bottom of the container and so it does stay where I want it to. So far so good! However, what I am still having difficulty with is getting the container to expand and shrink around the content in the child divs. I've played around with the container div height, setting to auto means we see nothing, setting to 100% doesn't stretch when more content is added, setting to 140% displays beautifully when there is a lot
  2. OK, I couldn't get the image to attach!
  3. What I am trying to achieve (and I?m sure it?s not the Holy Grail of web design) is for a container div that will expand in height in response to content within the child divs on the page. So if there is a lot of text on a page in the text div, the container will expand in height to accommodate this. Likewise, if there is not much text, there shouldn?t be a huge gap between the end of the text and the bottom of the page. I also have a footer div that will be used for W3C and designer logos as well as details of the last update for the site. The footer div needs to remain at 10px from
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