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  1. There will be others in this forum that will be able to give you more specific answers to your question, but in order to analyze a problem, we need to see your code. Best is to post a link to your website, even if it is "in progress". Do you have a hosting service where you can post it? As far as "Fireworks" is concerned, I know only the 4th of july stuff. Others in here may know much more. Welcome to the forum!
  2. I considered a private e-mail to Eric on this one, but decided the topic would be of sufficient interest to warrant a new topic Check out Eric's answers to my original question here http://www.killersites.com/forums/topic/1314/includes/ I copied/pasted his No. 2 answer, and it works wonderfully! Question is why? Also, as far as I can figure out, the only part that needs to be included in the "include" file is the #nav div and its associated tags. The "body" id is specific to each page. Yes? Before you know it I shall be a php-whiz Happy Mother's day to all authorized personnel. All others may have a feeling of gratitude as well! Alfie
  3. WOW! Need to study on that some! Many thanks! Alfie PS So glad LSW approves!
  4. Not familiar with Winrar, however, I believe you can purchase either the direct download OR a CD. The CD costs a bit more, so I am not sure exactly what you purchased. As said, Stef's tutorials are excellent. He leads you by the nose and before you know it you are writing HTML and you know WHY you are writing it. Best of luck and welcome to the forum!
  5. Enjoyed very much Wickham's treatise on the subject of making a php include file for the menu. I made it work nicely in an experimental file (w ww.sunshine-magazine.org/includeExp/jan_09.ph p) [You know what to do with the spaces!] Now, I like to "Low-Light" (dim.) the menu item that displays the current page. I don't suppose there is a magical php code for that to happen? BTW. Did Wickham's bit ever become a "sticky" Also BTW, Enjoy the jokes in the magazine, it is published by my droll brother-in-law. Alfie
  6. Another way of adding that left border to the first item in the list is with pure HTML Like so: First item Second item.............etc............... If you have styled all items with a right border the adds an "empty" cell with just the right border, which then becomes your first left border. Just a thought, but it works. I have used it a number of times. Alfie
  7. First of all, there is no such thing as an "unreal" domain name. You either register a domain name that is accepted, or you do not. Any decent web-host provider will help you register a domain name. It has to be original and not used by any one else. ( I do not recognize either of the host names you provided.) The host you choose will automatically help you with getting a domain name. Not sure whether we can publicly recommend specific host in here. There are so many good ones! Comments anyone else? As to making a website that is "pretty pro", that is a different animal altogether! How do you plan to design the site? There are lots of answers to that question right here in this forum, but it will either require a fair bit of learning on your part or your hiring a professional web-designer to do the job. We do not provide that service, only advise and education. Alfie
  8. This was a very fascinating and informative thread! I believe tpattison's last input is the ultimate answer. Make them too small to be useful! There will still be people who use the images for icons and the like, but not for full quality theft of images. Interesting subject! Maybe new W3C protocols in the future? Alfie
  9. I love this site too. This is where I learned! Another correct way to link to your video-clip is as follows: Put the clip back into your "videos" folder. Then link to it using the correct "path" ie: WIDTH="192" HEIGHT="190" ShowControls="1" ShowStatusBar="0" ShowDisplay="0" autostart="0"> The videos/ tells the browser to look for a file or folder named "videos" and then find your video-clip inside it.
  10. Make sure the path to your video-clip is correct. The way it is written now, the clip and your source code must be in the same folder. Also is your clip indeed a .wmv file?
  11. LOL! I was expecting maybe one answer, but not six! I did remember the one about large negative margins, but did not like that one for some reason. display: none; is the one I was looking for. Thanks dude! Alfie
  12. I got the answer to this question some years ago, but have forgotten what it was! (Yes I did search in here, but to no avail.) There is an easy way to have an "invisible" div for the purpose of pre-loading a bunch of images. How you do that again? Alfie
  13. That wasn't the problem at all It was a stupid typo! I had a comma instead of a period in my wrap.gif. DUH! It now works stupendously with a 790px wide 4px high wrapper. Many thanks! Alfie
  14. @Ben: Just tried exactly that just before you suggested it! (Braincramps prevented that as an obvious solution before.) I'll have to study your answer more as I still have to add {height: 400px;} in order to make somnablitz stretch down at all. Probably an issue Thanks a lot! Alfie
  15. Again I believe I have reacted to most, if not all of your suggestions. I have been struggling with incorporating a shadow along both sides of the "wrapper" div. (BTW, the round corners stay by demand of the client.) I made a leftShade.gif 15x4px and a right shade same dimensions. I made two new divs and call I styled them with {background: url(img/leftShade.gif) repeat-y;}, and float: left and float: right respectively. The rascals only repeat down about 4 times!!! I can set height: 200px; and it goes down that amount, but that is hokey!) HEP ME PLEASE! http://w ww.plainvanillagraphics.com/Kats/index.html (Remove space in w's) Thanks again; Alfie
  16. daddyalfie


    I have been away from this forum for a little time, but now I am semi-active again. I do not see any inputs from "billyboy" anymore. He was always one of my more astute and insightful mentors in here. Have I missed something? Alfie
  17. WOW! Does DreamWeaver really add all that useless code? @Baggy: please learn some basic knowledge of html coding I truly believe that learning "hand coding" is a lot easier than wrestling with code generated by any WYSISWYG program. Please do check out the "killersites" tutorials at http://www.killersites.com/videoTutorials/videoTutorial.jsp#WEBDESIGN You will be a much improved web designer Alfie
  18. Listen closely to Thelma above! I believe she is cautioning you about using a "table" for a menu. As you will find in here, a menu is a LIST! Not a table. Try that avenue and I think you will find a solution. Keep cranking! And keep posting questions in here. You will soon get to recognize the authoritative members in here. (Not me. I am just a beneficiary of this forum.) Good luck, and good coding! Alfie
  19. I very much appreciate all of your critique of my client' site earlier in the "beginner's" forum. I believe I may have responded to all of your points. Would you be kind enough to shoot bullets at my newest "take" on this site? http://w ww.katsfamilyhair.com (Space among the w's deliberate. Remove it!) Looking forward to your comments! Alfie
  20. Thanks all for excellent critiques! I am particularly intrigued by the notion of the shadow popping out the whole page! The black / red color scheme was demanded by the client and I agree, the blue is misplaced. The type is big because I have trouble reading small print Thelma: Good points! I shall re-word the "Continuing Ed" bit and have both links available. I think I shall also play with the red logo having round corners for a softer look. Thanks guys and gals! Alfie
  21. T'was a combination of $@&** IE and &%@!! Me! I had a mix of errors. In the index.html page I had a but no definition whatsoever of #main in the CSS! PHRRRRRTT! The beaueous result may be viewed at its pristine website at www. katsfam ilyhair.com (Remove spaces) J-ball got me on a hunt and Eric gave me a cue. The shadow was hidden up underneath the "banner" in IE. My client is happy, I am ecstatic and Eric's dog has promised me not to break any more monitors! I should probably post this again in the "Review" forum, but any critique of the site would be most welcome. Thanks to everybody! Alfie
  22. I designed a nice little dropshadow to go under the header on this website: http://ww w.plainvanillagraphics.com/Kats2/index.html (Remove space in www.) It works well in FireFox but is ignored by IE (So what else is new?) My Background: url(img/shade.gif) repeat-x; should work. Could it be my: that IE does'nt like? Alfie
  23. Also! I love the way "something/someone" in here automatically changed my source reference in my original post to "XYZ". That is an awesome anti-spam gimic! Cudos! Alfie
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