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  1. PHP like Javascript is used to add functionality to a website. They are both essentially programming languages that are run in "real time". I personally have only limited experience with PHP, or Javascript for that matter. They both give you the ability to use the computer's ability to actually compute! (As opposed to just interpret basic instructions for a browser.) The "Fade-in / fade-out" of the backgrounds in your sample and the "writing-typography" were both done via Javascript. If you want just one background and static typography, there is no need for Javascript or PHP.
  2. The absolute basic three languages you will need for that is HTML (or XHTML) for the basic content. then CSS for the styling. Then Javascript for the functionality (i.e. animation, changing typography etc.) It is a somewhat challenging type of site for a beginner to attempt! A very good place to start is right here at the KillerSites. Check out the Killersites University Tutorials elsewhere in this website. The tuts are very reasonably priced and lead you by the nose to learn step by step. Do not expect to learn to do a site like your sample in just a few weeks, but keep at it. We all had to start from somewhere! Good luck! Alfie
  3. There is a way to do what you want but, admittedly, it is a bit of a "kludge"! Simply have the link point to a brand new page on which the menu has been expanded with new links positioned with CSS. This can be continued with sub-sub-links etc. It works well as long as the new page is essentially similar to the original so that no new graphics or photos need to be downloaded. HERE is a link to one example where I used this trick. Good luck! Alfie
  4. Be careful when using ANYTHING but a PLAIN TEXT EDITOR! like notepad. Some text editors like WORD and others add formatting codes to the text. Believe me, you do NOT want that! HTML, all HTML and nothing but the HTML.
  5. Your layout and color choices, I feel are excellent. Nice and clean, but I must agree with Andrea. Those flipping and sliding graphics drive me nuts! What do they do for a visitor?
  6. Don't know about the mercury issue, but your site is quite clean looking. Just a personal observation; I don't particularly like the pure white background, Perhaps a soft gray or beige instead? Do listen to Andrea though! She has nailed me (and others!) before on format issues. She knows what she is talking about. Tables for layout is "old stuff". Learn and use CSS instead! All best wishes! Alfie
  7. I tried a few simple calculations and got only errors. You need a "cancel" button in order to go back after the customer (me!) makes a mistake. Interesting project; From where do you get your algorithms for the calculations? Good luck! Alfie
  8. Your question is a little bit like asking "How long does it take to become an artist?" Or: "How much does it cost to buy a car?" The answer is totally dependent on you! How talented are you? How much effort are you going to expend? Do you want a VW or a Cadillac? The Cake-Box site is fairly ambitious. To see how ambitious, look at the coding that determines the site. (Open the site in your browser and go to "view" and then "View source" or "Page source" [Depending on your browser]) You would have to learn to understand what that stuff means! The Killer-sites tutorials are an excellent source to start down that road, as Falken and others have said here, but it is only a start! The course will enable you to build a basic but (mostly) static website. For a more interactive site, such as what you seem to be aiming for, will need more knowledge and study. Perhaps web development software such as Wordpress or Dreamweaver can help you with some of that, but that is beyond my area of competence to comment on. Now study, learn and go build a Cadillac of a web-site! This forum is the right place to learn more as you progress. Welcome and good luck! Alfie
  9. Of course you can always ask questions here in this forum. That is what it is here for! Just start a new topic for each inquiry you have. Alfie
  10. To fix the "wrap" add clear: both; to your Paragraph CSS. You can target that particular paragraph by giving it a class: (HTML) <p class="first_paragraph"> Your words go in here </p> (CSS) p .first_paragraph { clear: both; } Note that the "first_paragraph" used in the above example can be any name you desire as long as it is meaningful to you! (I hope I am not "talking down" too much. I do not know how firm a grasp you have on the functions of HTML and CSS overall.) You seem to have made an excellent start, Good luck! Alfie
  11. If you are looking for a basic CSS "Starting Template", Shelfimage has an excellent one HERE It includes a slew of settings that can jump-start any CSS. Check it out. As for a PSD "blank" I am as mystified by your request as was Falken! Alfie
  12. A couple of quick comments, none of which, unfortunately, will address your original problem! Almost all members herein DO NOT use tables or frames for formatting We use CSS for formatting instead You need a "doctype" specified right after the initial <head> and <html> tags You DO need an <html> beginning tag just after the <body> tag and an end </html> tag just before your </body> tag Use only lower-case type in your text editor Other, more experienced members are more likely than I to spot your initial problem, but I shall have another look now. OK! Here are several errors I spotted that MAY fix your problem. You use the "paragraph" <p> tag, but you have no "end paragraph" </p> tags You use border="o" several places. It should be a "zero" 0 I Strongly recommend you study our tutorials in basic web design offered within this KillerSites web program. The beauty of the "pure" HTML and CSS method taught there is that the HTML pages have virtually NO styling attributes. ALL the formatting / styling: fonts, colors, positioning etc is done in the CSS. This makes for a MUCH cleaner HTML "source-code", and makes all the pages have a consistent "look". Also your HTML pages are MUCH easier to edit! All best! Alfie
  13. Falkencreative's answer is excellent! The basics of web development is NOT difficult. I learned to make a basic web-site in about a month using the Killer-Sites tutorials that he mentioned earlier. He is also very correct in that to DESIGN a GOOD website takes experience and talent rather than just study. Web design is basically simple, but to learn to be "good" at it may take time. Good luck! Alfie
  14. Lynne, again thanks! I did watch that video but it did not address those particular issues. When (if) the site gets posted I shall certainly try the CMS route. (Right now I am only in the "Request for Proposal" stage for this project.) Right now I am only playing with and learning on my own time for a project that may not be accepted! This is FUN! When the time comes for an actual proposal, I shall be fair and quote a competitive but not "undercutting" proposal. I am retarded --- (er... RETIRED!) and will not need the money as much as some others might. Many thanks! Alfie
  15. Thanks Lynne, excellent suggestion! Do you have any experience with tables? Would the editable section LOOK like a table? How about adding a new <tr>? @ Susie - Again from your links I have discovered <colspan> and <col> AWESOME! Thanks all! Alfie
  16. Through Susie's links I discovered "borders-collapse: collapse;" That begins to solve some of my problems. What are the other attributes available for "borders-collapse"? Thanks again Susie! Alfie
  17. Actually I was thinking more along the lines of changing the color background of a column. What you suggest would probably work for that(?) I will be trying that soon. My problem is that I am trying to design a layout displaying "upcoming events" that is simple enough so that I can teach the client to update the contents by themselves. I.E. I do not want them to horse around with the CSS, only change the content in the HTML table. I'm sure there is php and MySQL for that, but that is outside my area of expertise! Any pointers gratefully accepted! (I have used php only for "includes" so far.) Alfie @ Susie, Thanks, I am perusing those links now!
  18. Susie, you are the loveliest woman in the internet! howthehell do yo you target any column? love(?) Alfie
  19. Are there any CSS attributes specifically for tables? For example; I found that "margin" does not work for th or td, whereas "padding" does! Is there a way to target specific columns? Where may I learn more? Again, thanks! Alfie
  20. @ Kyle - I kind of suspected that. Thanks for the confirmation! Alfie
  21. In reading he W3Schools.com tutorials I noticed they use all manner of in-line styling (<table border="2"> etc) Is that still a good way to go, or is CSS with id or class better? Alfie
  22. SOMENABLITZ! I do believe you have solved all my problems! Love you guys! Alfie
  23. Damn-damn, double damn, TRIPLE-DAMN HELL! Newseed you have eagle eyes! Many thanks for that catch! However it did not solve my immediate problem in that the site is still broken in IE6-7 HERE is the link to the site (with corrected tiMes new roman!) Thanks again! Alfie
  24. Reading Ben's post HERE I learned it is probably a "doctype" issue, but I still need help in finding a solution! Thanks! Alfie
  25. Thanks to newseed I now have IE6 and IE7 loaded and surprise SURPRISE! They don't seem to understand CSS for beans! HERE is my problem file(s). IE8 understands everything except "text-shadow" which I can live without. However all my <h> <p> IDs etc seem to be completely ignored by IE6-7 For instance the <div id="wrapper"> is ignored, bur my <body> styling works. HELP!!! Alfie
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