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    CMS Project doubt

    In video 28, when we create a cms object, inside the constructor we declare:- global $FP; $this->FP= &$FP; the explanation being we can directly access the global $FP object directly and won't have to use a copy Doubt 1: throughout earlier project we have used copies and never used &(reference) so why was it essential in this case? Doubt 2: What is the difference in using a copy ($this->FP=$FP) and an original? Shouldn't they work similarly as in case of $this->FP=$FP, we are still referencing to the same object. Doubt 3: How to know when to use a the reference object?
  2. Hey, I just completed the Form Validation Project on Studioweb and I would really appreciate help regarding my doubts: 1. If we are enabling Server side validation as well as client side validation, and javascript is on, meaning validate plugin works so does the server side validation automatically turns off? in the tutorials and through my testing, its clear that PHP validation doesn't work when Validate plugin but why? Shouldn't both of them working at the same time? 2. Why do we need sessions in PHP if we can create and use associative arrays like $form['name'], $error['name'] etc. and then use them among different PHP pages? Thank you