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  1. Thanks Andrea, I found out it was the paths to the images in the .js & .css files, Graeme
  2. Hello All, I'm using Lightbox and cannot get the Prev, Close and Next buttons to show on an opened image, I'm not too sure if I'm in the right place here but any advice will be more than welcome, I tried stackoverflow but haven't heard anything, Thank you as always,
  3. My aplologies for multiple posts, I thought I had locked up and kept pressing Post
  4. Hello All, I'm going to design a web site to sell photos and I would like the thumbnail scenario and when you click one a larger image opens giving you the option to go to the next image or close it, I have in the past used lightbox but I am having a little difficulty setting it up this time, I think it might be to do with a .js file, anyway, is there another, better, alternative available or is lightbox the way to go? Thank you as always, Graeme
  5. Thank you all for your help, I don't really understand how to do it! I get the idea of the header but what code do you use? Thank you, Graeme [For some reason this posted twice so I just deleted the extra. Cheers! LSW]
  6. Hello Stef, I am still thinking about linking to Google, it's just I was wondering if there were any other ways. Can I just ask how I would code the css to link to Google? I have the usual body { margin width padding colour font: normal 12px/1.8em Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; } Also how can I use fontsquirral on my web account? Thank you very much Stef, Best wishes Graeme
  7. Are there any Serif fonts that can be used without linking to Google Stef? Thank you, Graeme
  8. Hello All, Is it OK to use most fonts on say a menu whereby the font is declared in CSS? I would like to use a funky one on a menu but I realise that some may not be suitable. Thank you as always, Best wishes Graeme
  9. Thank you Ben, that's amazing, I have it all figured out now. Best wishes Graeme
  10. Thanks Ben, I selected the text tool and drew a box, when I entered the text I wanted it justifirled but I could only see left, centre or right options at the top menu. The character I wanted was the e as at the end of french for cafe, like the `, but the other way! Thank you
  11. Hello All, Can anyone tell me how to fully justify text in a text box and also how can I insert special characters in text like say an e with a tilde on top? Thank you as always, Best wishes Graeme
  12. Hello All, Just thought to reply and say that my mouse pointer is great now. It seems as though I had clicked the @Panning Hand (Alt+G) on the Menu Bar in IE, hope it helps someone. Best wishes Graeme
  13. Hello All, For some reason my mouse pointer has changed in IE! It is permanently a 'Hand' even when it is not on a link. I can't highlight any text in a my e-mails to copy or anything. I thought it was a theme but can't figure it out! I use Windows 7. Thank you, Best wishes Graeme
  14. Hello All, I did not realise that you could rent a server, could anyone offer me some information. I understand you may be provided with an interface to manage the server but how much is a reasonable cost? If you rent a server can you charge to host other web sites? Thank you ad always, Best wishes, Graeme
  15. Stef, Do I use both of the examples you give above on one page or just choose one? Also would this be a better way than using META TAGS? Thank you as always, Best wishes, Graeme
  16. Thank you, Stef, where do I put either of the code on the page, is it above everything as I have done with a PHP contact page? Best wishes Graeme
  17. Hello All, I have been adding the new fixtures to a cricket web site for the forthcoming matches this season and someone e-mailed me to say that they could only see last year's fixtures although I knew I had uploaded them. I'm guessing it might be a caching problem. I once read about a meta tag that can be used to view fresh content on every page load but one of our friends on here suggested not to use it if you have graphics on a page. The pages in question do not have graphics so is there one I could use? Thank you as always, Best wishes Graeme
  18. Graeme

    Cymk V Rgb

    Thank you very much Ben, that explains it all.
  19. Graeme

    Cymk V Rgb

    Just wondering Ben, why do you have the RGB option, is it when you are doinf something for view on a screen or something? Thank you, Best wishes Graeme
  20. Graeme

    Cymk V Rgb

    Hello All, I recently sent a poster to my printer but she contacted me to say some of the text was too dark when she printed out a test! I have read up on a few things but wondered if it had any thing to do with, when setting up the new file I chose RGB when maybe I should have chosen CYMK. I think that the printer's conversion is changing the colours but wanted to see what the boys and girls on the forum think? Thank you as always Best wishes Graeme
  21. thank you, i understand
  22. Hello All, Happy New Year. Is it possible to have a page show the very latest content? I'm sure I once used a meta tag with some code to do this. Thank you as always, Best wishes Graeme
  23. Hello All, I would like to offer a PDF download on a site. I usually just put a link to click a button and the file opens. Some of the sites I have visited gives an option to Save or Open the file, how can I do this? Thank you Best wishes Graeme
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