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  1. Hey guys! Havent accessed this course in a while, how do you log into the 2nd part of the webstack course? e.g bootstrap, wordpress, cant access via studioweb???
  2. I'm was stuck on this same question as well, i believe there is some technical glitch here, I made several attempts on typing in the revealed answer but it did not accept, but after after typing in the same answer through my second laptop it now worked lol, strange.
  3. Hi, I am on ch 2, lesson 1 MySQL, I am confused on how to setup PHPMyAdmin, there are no clear instructions, on 47 seconds of the video a heading appears saying: WAMP, XAMPP AND MAMP ... see the bonus videos. where are these bonus videos? I'm stuck I don't know how to set this up. please help, thank you.
  4. Hi, I'm on chapter 12 - Advanced PHP, I'm using Windows 10 The login page works fine but I don't know why I'm getting these two Notices with undefined indexes, please can you help. I have sent screen shots. Thank you.
  5. Hi, I just wanted to make sure if this is a typo or not? on the line of colspan= in the attached source file; the closing tags are </td></td> , or should they be </td></tr> ? I did run both codes, they both work. Thank you. ch7-tables-final.html
  6. It seems to be a new update, <!DOCTYPE html> turns italic. I did test in browser, everything is fine. Thank you for your help! I'll try to troubleshoot and Google first if I have any issues. Your course is very easy to follow, great thanks!
  7. Hi everyone, new to this course, how do you change the font color to blue in Sublime Text as seen in HTML lessons please?, i did try to search within the app and google, but no success unfortunately, would be good if font was same colour as Stef in order to memorize. please help, thank you. * i just saved the basic html page, font turned blue, the DOCTYPE on top has changed to italic, is this normal?
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