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  1. This post is about "Logged out user session due to inactivity." When I'm taking a lesson with StudioWeb, I often experiment with code in the code editor then get back on StudioWeb. The problem is that the session almost always times out. So I need to log back in then click and click to get back to where I left out. I find it's quite destructive for a flow of learning. How can I change the session time out? Thanks, Mack
  2. I'm posting this thread regarding StudioWeb PHP and MySQL foundation course, Chapter 4, Part 2, Question #2. It seems as if the question is not fully displayed. The question says, "Connect to MySQL with the variables listed below." But there are no variables listed below other than "$my_connection." Please see the attached pic. Am I missing something?
  3. macksoneh

    StudioWeb does not recognized a course completed

    It's still the case. Please check the pic that I just took this morning. I proceeded with the MySQL and PHP foundation course though.
  4. macksoneh

    StudioWeb does not recognized a course completed

    Thanks for a reply. My ID is studioweb26_3701.
  5. This posting is regarding Question #3 of Section 2 in Chapter 8 PHP Functions in the PHP7 Foundations course. The right answer according to StudioWeb is $dirContents = scandir("c:images"); However, "c:images" is not a valid path. I answered with a valid path, $dirContents = scandir('c:\images'); but StudioWeb thinks it's a wrong answer. Please refer to the attached image. Do other students correctly guess a wrong answer to pass the quiz? Thanks, Mack
  6. Having taken a few lessons with HTML5 Foundations, I jumped to PHP7 Foundations. Then I completed watching all videos and taking all quizzes. So, I thought I completed the PHP7 Foundations course. But when I looked at my SCORING status, it still showed "Courses Complete:0". Is it an expected behavior?