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  1. macksoneh

    StudioWeb does not recognized a course completed

    It's the same problem with the HTML5 Foundations course I completed a few months ago. StudioWeb has not recognized that I had completed the course.
  2. macksoneh

    What's next after StudioWeb foundations?

    Hi Stef, I got your response over youtube. Thanks, Mack
  3. macksoneh

    Is projects.studioweb.com down?

    Yes, I can login now. Thanks, Mack
  4. macksoneh

    Is projects.studioweb.com down?

    Hi, I tried to access projects.studioweb.com, but I got this response instead. Is it down now? Thanks, Mack
  5. Hi StudioWeb community. I've just completed four of the five StudioWeb foundations courses. They are; PHP 7 Foundations HTML5 Foundations PHP and MySQL Javascript Foundations. I'm skipping CSS3 for now. Among projects available in the StudioWeb Projects, which one do you recommend as the next step for someone who has just "graduated" from StudioWeb foundations courses? Thanks, Mack
  6. This post is about "Logged out user session due to inactivity." When I'm taking a lesson with StudioWeb, I often experiment with code in the code editor then get back on StudioWeb. The problem is that the session almost always times out. So I need to log back in then click and click to get back to where I left out. I find it's quite destructive for a flow of learning. How can I change the session time out? Thanks, Mack
  7. I'm posting this thread regarding StudioWeb PHP and MySQL foundation course, Chapter 4, Part 2, Question #2. It seems as if the question is not fully displayed. The question says, "Connect to MySQL with the variables listed below." But there are no variables listed below other than "$my_connection." Please see the attached pic. Am I missing something?
  8. macksoneh

    StudioWeb does not recognized a course completed

    It's still the case. Please check the pic that I just took this morning. I proceeded with the MySQL and PHP foundation course though.
  9. macksoneh

    StudioWeb does not recognized a course completed

    Thanks for a reply. My ID is studioweb26_3701.
  10. This posting is regarding Question #3 of Section 2 in Chapter 8 PHP Functions in the PHP7 Foundations course. The right answer according to StudioWeb is $dirContents = scandir("c:images"); However, "c:images" is not a valid path. I answered with a valid path, $dirContents = scandir('c:\images'); but StudioWeb thinks it's a wrong answer. Please refer to the attached image. Do other students correctly guess a wrong answer to pass the quiz? Thanks, Mack
  11. Having taken a few lessons with HTML5 Foundations, I jumped to PHP7 Foundations. Then I completed watching all videos and taking all quizzes. So, I thought I completed the PHP7 Foundations course. But when I looked at my SCORING status, it still showed "Courses Complete:0". Is it an expected behavior?