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  1. Stefan: Thanks for your quick reply... I am using the ASP examples from w3Schools. My server does not run .ASPX, so I guess I cannot use ASP.NET. I am not sure what you mean by populating the list box... There seems to be no variable structure in basic HTML code to do this. However, I guess I could use ASP to write HTML code for all whole list. Is this what you had in mind? Sorry I am not more familiar with basic web design Rich
  2. For a static list box, the initial value can be readily set by using selected="selected" in . But I want to save 0ption value that the user selects and then make this the selected value the next time he goes to the server site. I can readily read and write from files on the server using ASP, but I do not how to get the retrieved value into the list menu as a default value. Can I avoid Recordsets, Dynamic List Boxes etc? Thanks for you help. Rich
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