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  1. Hi guys, What would you recommend to someone who is at the beginning stage of learning HTML/CSS regarding to -Webkit- usage? Thanks!
  2. Hi smart people! How's it going? My name is Boris and I am from Serbia (not Siberia).I am 19 years old and just 1 year ago I finished High School here in my hometown of Sombor. I came here just because I wanna learn some cool stuff about web development and I think Stefan's course is the right choice for that.Unfortunately, in school that I went to I was only taught HTML and that was the very basic HTML but even then I really liked it and enjoyed coding.Since my parents can't afford me to go to University and I have to choose who am I gonna be in the future, I think this is the path I should follow mostly because I love to code and there is nothing else I wanna do, at least for now + I am in love with Asian people so I need some money to go travel and visit all those great countries! I am happy to be here, on this Forum and... Let's code!
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