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  1. cristi

    CSS stylesheet not working properly

    Thanks, after all it was the <style> included in the stylesheet, like you said. Solved.
  2. cristi

    CSS stylesheet not working properly

    I mean that with HTML code it works on the index file, the problem is when I try to set a background image from a stylesheet (img 1), it doesn't. The path seems ok to me (img 2).
  3. cristi

    CSS stylesheet not working properly

    Hello everybody! I use > background: url("images/background-forum.jpg"); < inside the body of the css stylesheet, but no background image is added, but when I do this in HTML > <body background="images/background-forum.jpg"> < it works, the structure.css is in the same folder as index.html and the one with all the images called " images ". I use sublime text 3, someone can help me out?