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  1. Hi, Concerning potential customers, instead of having an email on the home page of my site to copy/paste to contact me, I'm considering making a contact form that emails me when someone makes a new instance in the database, saying they're interested in me making them a new site. Anyone have any data on what gave you a better response?? Email to copy/paste, or contact form?? A contact form looks better, it's easy to make too... But I fear dropping 8 questions might turn people off vs seeing an email, even though they'd have to answer them anyway. I ask because my experience
  2. I already made one. You can have it for free. It's for python / django. Read through the instructions on the blog for it.
  3. Hi, I'm about to start freelancing. I'm full stack, so I know python, django, html, css, svg, javascript, animations, art, and linux. I already have a nice website with a bunch of apps with advanced functions. I'd say it really pops. I use Digital Ocean to host it. Today I got someone who is interested. I haven't mentioned I'd do it for free yet, but depending on the size, I might. I sent them the project assessment today. I'm gonna see how things go, and might just charge lower than I hope, instead of going free. If I do it for free, and all they want is a single web page, with
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