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    IE7 CSS problem

    http://www.paddyosheas.com/index.html Thanks for the replies folks. I got it sorted. It's been a long day! I went to the w3.org site to validate my code and then used the html cleaner and then I found the problem! It turned out to be as simple as I'd expected. I left out some code in my css file which was obviously causing problems in IE7. Funnily enough, it was okay in the other browsers, even with the missing code. Anyway, you live and learn! There are still a few kinks that need to be ironed out such as the blue border around the linked image on the homepage (which only seems to happen in IE and also on the gallery page, one of the images is out of place (again, only IE problem). Also, there is still some code that the HTML cleaner put into my html code regarding absolute positioning. It works fine now, so I'm leaving it for the time being but if anyone could have a look and point me in the right direction, that would be superb. And of course any other pointers would be great. I know it's only a basic website, but you have to start somewhere! It was my first try at a full css only site so I need some practice. Today went a long way but it's good to know there's help out there! Cheers guys.
  2. crawlor

    IE7 CSS problem

    yep, I'm sure my css files are correctly named. The pages work fine in FF and opera and Safari but for some reason (and I reckon it's a simple one but I just can't find it) the pages come up style-less in IE7. What a pain! Can anyone help? Pleease!
  3. crawlor

    IE7 CSS problem

    Hey. Thanks for quick reply. I (stupidly)had the site up before checking it in IE7(its my first site!) and then got a complaint that it was just looking like a word document in IE. I have since taken the site down and put the old one back up. Can you not see in the code what the problem may be? I checked it in IE7 and it looks style-less, if you know what i mean.
  4. crawlor

    IE7 CSS problem

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