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  1. Hello everybody, I'm Jim from Arizona. I have a Bachelors in Geography and a Masters in Geographic Information Systems. I work in GIS for a small city and I'm going to start my own GIS business on the side. I love when I can use my abilities to solve other's problems, and I would like to grow something that can make money for me and others around me. I'm currently using the book "Python Crash Course" to understand the basics of Python, which I use for automation and spatial analysis. I need to learn more about databases, SQL, and PHP because a foundation of GIS is the spatial database. I also need to learn about web development using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Infrastructure As A Service to create GIS web applications and websites in general. Finally, I need to learn business, finance, and communications topics to help with successful business growth. These are long term goals that I will be working on and it looks like Stef's products and community will help me at an affordable price. I first found Stef when browsing YouTube for programming videos. After several months of viewing his content I decided to try out his business course. I hope to hear from any of you, I am happy to answer questions and participate in the community.
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