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  1. I couldn't agree more, but I think there is a fault with that rule and there is nothing wrong with stating that.I will validate my site in a few days to keep in line with this forums rules. You can still all be assured that I still don't agree with it though.
  2. lmao To be honest, people do use the chat box and seem to make small talk while they wait 2-3 mins for each conversion. I was trying to think of other ways to get users to kill those 2-3 mins such as watching youtube videos, playing a game. I thought the chat thing was the best option. Disagree? What else could I do?
  3. For me, Success = correct. Thats exactly what I am looking for. Compliments do not bring improvement. Wrong conclusion, not "obviously flawed" but obviously lazy! The way it works: Video is retrieved from youtube as an FLV file using a shell script that is initiated by a PHP script which in turn is initiated by Javascript using an AJAX call using JQuery. I strip the audio/sound as an MP3 using one of the best tools in the world, FFmpeg.
  4. I have taken that on board, any ideas for me to improve or remove the borishness?
  5. I think that "rule" and the evangelical worshipping of validating websites nowadays is ridiculous. This ridiculousness is shown by the number of high profile sites that exist today that do not refer to this unnecessary rule. Example, facebooks front page has over 30 Errors, yet it is a beautifully crafted site, simple and elegant. Don't get me wrong, following web standards is very important and it is in everybodies interest to produce sites like this. However, to have it as a prerequisites before a site gets judged on such forums is over kill. Please critiuqe it and please disregard validation as an assessment factor in this case.
  6. Hello all, I thought I would put my JQuery, PHP, AJAX and web design noob skills to the test Please criticise ruthlessly: w ww.geta udiofro mvide o.com [remove spaces] The above isn't a new idea and has been done time and time again but I just wanted to practice and put new skills I have learnt to the test. Thanks all (comparing reviews)
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