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  1. Hi, I am in now. Completed 4 chapters so far and going..
  2. I read a few tech articles talking about the future of programming and how fast the technology is moving and pass us by. Apparently for any tech job (even entry level) nowadays the basic or intermediate understanding of any programming language/technology knowledge is not enough. I wonder how much do we need to know to be really meet that standard?
  3. You were right, I talked to few of my self employed friend and they all have a simple website introducing their business and most of their marketing were done on Facebook. If I looking from business point of view, I think we as problem solver will need to know online marketing too to provide more value to business owner?
  4. I just watched the video 'Is Freelancing just Trading one Boss for Many?' I agree with the strategy that "Its far better to have 100 small clients rather than a couple of big ones". I like to kickstart some discussion here to discuss about how should we go about it implement this strategy to build a stable freelance business. My first thought on this topic is that we should target small business that require to change their website regularly(e.g. restaurant, florist, mobile shop).
  5. Hi Stefan, I have checked your course and the course seems pretty comprehensive for web developer training. I have some question like to seek your opinion(or refer me to any of your video is great too). 1. May I know how do you find out the needs of the local businesses? I like to find out that there is needs in local market before I invest in a course. 2. Will you be updating your course if any of the language(HTML/CSS/SQL/Javascript/PHP) has some significant update/breakthrough? Thanks.
  6. Ok. I will look at your course. I saw that link below your Youtube video but didn't really explore what is that.
  7. Nowadays I seldom use book as reference when I am building project. Software documentation and google have been my best friends in implementing project that fulfil the requirements. Also I find myself more engaging when I watching video course to learn new stuff. That being said, I do read a lot of other non IT books for my general knowledge.
  8. Hi, Thanks for the information. Can you point me to some learning resource(website/books/online course) to get me started on this web development learning journey? Sincerely, Kian Hwee
  9. Hi all, I am in the mid of career transition and like to seek some opinion from you guys. I have been supporting, implementing several application project for the past 11 years, not programming but build the project using certain software package and due to some reason I am considering a career as a freelancer. I have been watching Stefan Youtube videos for few weeks now and I roughly understand that the broad category are as follows: 1. Web development( HTML, CSS, Javascript + Python/Ruby + PHP? ) 2. Enterprise application/ Android Apps (Java) I have the following questions that hope to hear from you guys: 1. If my intended destination is freelancer, I should choose the Web Development route and go all out to learn HTML, CSS, Javascript + Python/Ruby + PHP? 2. I learnt Java as my first language during my university time (15 years ago), and just realised that now it is possible to build Android apps and I am interested. 3. Any other opinions that you guys think beneficial to my situation. Thanks guy!
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