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  1. Let me try one more time from scratch incase I may have missed a spot and I will get back to you Monday next week. Thank you.
  2. I'm viewing them on the www. But when I go to click on the link, a new page opens up and says that the link cannot be found.
  3. Hi Andrea, Sorry could you explain the upload part? Thank you.
  4. Hey Guys, So glad I ran into this thread as I was having the same issue. So far I am up to ch.4 "hyperlinks" for the basic html and here is a sample if what I got: <p>check out the link to <a href="my_book_review.html"> my book review.</a></p> I am using sublime text 2, all of my work so far are saved into the same file and after I have saved my work and opened to view on my browser, I go to click on my hyperlink and a new page opens to say that it was not found. Suggestions? Thank you in advance.
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