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  1. Thank You both. Now I look again at the question I can see there was kind of a hint that the line I needed to add should go under the one that was already there. Being the awkward kind, I just had to add the line ABOVE the existing one. :-)
  2. Recently joined the IWDC and regard it as the best money I've ever spent on web dev training. Just wondering if there's a possible alternative solution to one of the questions in the Beginners CSS module. Chapter 5, lesson11 (CSS navbars) question 2. Correct answer is a { width: 50px; display: block; } but would a { display: block; width: 50px; } also be valid ? (currently it's marked as incorrect). Excellent course. Thanks for all that you're teaching me, Stef. All the Best for the year ahead.
  3. Only tip I'd offer you is quite simple: start making things. Set yourself a goal and a deadline. Web development is a HUGE topic and without a goal and a deadline it's super easy to get hopelessly distracted by a bazilion different things that look kind of cool. What could you aim to make in, say, three days? As a noob, you're not going to replicate Pinterest in that time. That would be a huge, and completely unrealistic aim. But what about a single webpage that displays a few pics you took on your phone? With a goal like that you're suddenly focused on something specific and can start to filter out all the stuff that's not relevant. Only you know what would be an interesting goal. But choose something and get to work on it. Good Luck.
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