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  1. I actually got lucky. She got back to me. She just need to talk to her bosses and make sure everything was okay. So, I'm good. I definitely breathed a sigh of relief.
  2. I've been working on doing Wordpress sites for my portfolio. I built one for my martial arts instructor. He was pretty easy to work with. He told me what he wanted, I did it, and he liked it. Next, my parents have a side business selling collectibles and they wanted me to build them a site. I started on it, but they're very indecisive and also have some odd ideas, so we put things on hold. To an extent, I get it, they have a lot going on: they have day jobs, a side business and they're remodeling their house. So, they're a bit busy and it's understandable the site would take a back seat. They don't really need it at this point. For the third site, I have a woman that I work with that's start working as an insurance agent on the side and wanted a website, so I started on that. I created a mock up in XD and got approval. She loved it and was totally excited. I'm almost finished with it, I just need to tweak it for mobile and add her info. Now, it sounds like she might not want to do it anymore. I'm not sure why because she was bouncing off the walls before. Is this sort of thing normal or have I just run into a string of bad luck? I'm not whining, I'm gonna find a way to use. I might just use the two sites as example sites in my portfolio or something. Either way I'll keep moving forward, I just wanted to get some feedback from everyone else.
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