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  1. I actually got lucky. She got back to me. She just need to talk to her bosses and make sure everything was okay. So, I'm good. I definitely breathed a sigh of relief.
  2. I've been working on doing Wordpress sites for my portfolio. I built one for my martial arts instructor. He was pretty easy to work with. He told me what he wanted, I did it, and he liked it. Next, my parents have a side business selling collectibles and they wanted me to build them a site. I started on it, but they're very indecisive and also have some odd ideas, so we put things on hold. To an extent, I get it, they have a lot going on: they have day jobs, a side business and they're remodeling their house. So, they're a bit busy and it's understandable the site would take a back seat.
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