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  1. HI, I am creating a CMS site in asp.net with flash animation. I want to write editable text (fields) on a white sheet that opens in an animated form. The text has to be in asp.net as there is a small query form, and some text (that can be edited from client's side) in this. I want the white sheet to open (animation) and then the .net text/fields to appear. Is that possible? How can i super impose this .net editable text on my flash animation? Please help Regards RB
  2. Hi, i am making this simple site using a bit of flash 9 (for buttons) and news updates. I also need to incorporate a 'submit a query' button in it. + give my client facility to edit/update stuff online (CMS) what would be a good CMS i should use. Is flashblock ok or is Joomla good for sites with flash cs3 and actionscript 2in them? PLease help REgards Ritu
  3. hi, I have Pm-ed my urls to webmachine and Iwsimon. It seems they have been put back in the original mail. Thanks Stefan and Benjamin. Beginners like me benefit hugely from such honest feedback and i thank you guys for having created such wonderful platform. Cheers JEanie
  4. Hi, Thanks for the reviews, i appreciate the effort. Thanks falkencreative, i am sure i can use the tips. pretty generous of you to have pointed out the mistakes in great detail. Let me work on those sites and get back with better and faster sites Iwsimon, i have pm-ed my site links to you, please do give me your feedback. Regards Jeanie
  5. hello guys, I just got started in web designing. I have finished loading two sites. and they are very very slow to load. They are flash sites published in html and then called in dreamweaver for loading. We have used AS2 for coding in flash. It is single file of 3.2 and 2.8 MB respectively. Is that two heavy for a website. How do i make these sites faster without removing the animation or losing on the quality of images i have used. I have tried to go as low as possible for the images. Please help me make these sites faster. ww w.tir than jali.com ww w.cri msonv ortex.com (remove
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