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  1. Hi i am looking to find a template for a site for my javascript scripts and (soon) php scripts and im not a good webdesigner. I want a website template and i can edit to my preffrence. (i am not good at designing templates (i dont know how (i know html/css at decent level))


    If there is, is there like skull or black/red template

  2. Hi i am wondering about this question. I know there is alot of topics on this but heres my dilema. I am wanting to get into mods for *** (ive already made basic copyright one). After this i want to create php scripts. I already know javascript (intermediate (barely i just know basics with some dom)) but like i said i want to get into php becouse of its benifets and create a php forum system (using text files) (in the future) but i dont know if i should further my javascript. Thank you in Advance.

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