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  1. can I successfully save my default.php in notepad (editor)? or is there a specific editor for php recommended? because when I open it with my localhost, I get funny characters in the left corner of my page.
  2. Hi phpboy, I'm just as new as you r, but I had the same problem just the other day so try this: go to start > All programs > wamp server (click on it) > Start server! a icon will appear in the right corner of your desktop next to the clock, click on it, or right click or left click, untill the menu with localhost on top appears, then choose localhost. let me know if it worked.
  3. thank you, I have read through everything, it sounds complicated, so I will have a look at it in the morning because it is late already.(22h15 here). thank you for your effort to try and sort it out for me. Have a good nights rest too. thank you yet again.
  4. Hi, I have tried to upload my site/page onto the server with little success, so I'm bzy trying to sort that out. The next big problem that I have is that none of my images are visible when I load my page from wamp. I have tried every image and in different div too.
  5. Ok that was the problem, it has been installed successfully!
  6. Hi Susie I have downloaded it but it says windows is unable to open it when I tried to open it
  7. K, now we know, thank for all the help!
  8. ok let me upload it to the server, is this done with filezilla? could you please help me Thelma! Just want to say there is nothing on this webpage, it is blank, and I'm not succeeding to insert any image in the body at all.
  9. I am trying everything you guys are suggesting, with no luck, but thanks anyway every one that contributed. thanks
  10. Ok, thank you virtual, I have tried that but no luck. I'm literally sitting with my hands in my hair, because I'm working against time. the only other thing that I can think of could be my DOCTYPE! is it right, could you please have a look at it. thanx
  11. goodness....grachesh, thank Wickham, I think I'm finally grasping it! I should be reading up much more and learning it I know, but like most of us am I in such a hurry, because I need some kind of portfolio by Jan 2009. thanks!!!
  12. Ok, thanks I get that now, but why do I need html files when I have PHP files, I have changed my html to php. Why would one then still need html files. thank you.
  13. I am designing a php site, what DOCTYPE is it then. Another Q: do I then save every file I have incl. my php. , inc. , css. , images, etc. in www php directory? thank you.
  14. ok, thanks shelfimage, thats really helpful for the future. Falkencreative, I replaced the image that was faulty and replaced with some other, that way I discovered that it was the image I have created in pp. thanx
  15. I have created a background in powerpoint that I wanted to incorporate into my website, but with a huff and Puff, I suffered the whole of yesterday to let it repeat-y, it did however repeat-x. Can one create your own images and flash items in powerpoint as part of website images. I saved it as bg2_body.gif/jpg. (both) thank you!
  16. just want to thank all of you for your quick responds, I was really astound by that. I went through all the steps given, and finally managed to get to the problem, and that will obviously lead to my next Q. Thanx!!!
  17. body { margin: 0; text-align: center; font: 0.8em verdana, arial, sans-serif; line-height: 170%; color: #FFF; background: #585858 url(bg2_bady.jpg) repeat-y; } is this the test site? anyway, my background doesn't want to show at all with this code, only the color gray, and if it take the color away I only sit with a white page. thank you.
  18. my background doesn't want to repeat-y, but it does go x. Did someone ever experience this before, and what did you do to fix it. Thanx
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