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    Hello Killers, There is software called casparCG which is used to run a tv channel but there is a problem in it the client designed by them doesn't have the option to schedule the programs, but we can create it by php so can any of our killers do this
  2. use flash media server as streaming server you can get the streaming video code from the strobe media player embed it in your html or php or wp file thats it use the rtmp stream to watch it on android or ios as the flash media player is not avilable for default browser fo android
  3. Hello Friends, Can any one give the full description about creating the dependent drop downs using php and mysql (please don't post ready made scripts i know that already) Regards, Khan
  4. does any body know configuring https in wamp
  5. WAMP doesn't come with SMTP hence we'll get errors while using PHP mail () function Is there any alternate for this ?
  6. By doing so i'll understand logic and get grip on subject
  7. Recently i came across foreign keys in MYSQL can't i use it for this
  8. But i Want to do this completely using dreamweaver, Php and My SQL with out any readymade scripts
  9. How to create a drop down based on another dropdown like pulldown1 => Country pulldown2 => City Pulldown3 => town i came across this in cold fusion 8 by creating cold fusion components(cfc) but don't know in php Assist Me in Creating This
  10. [*]generally every one clicks on the link directly instead of using open in new window if user clicks on the link the target page is opening in the same of forum again he has to move back and use open in new window
  11. Can any one solve this ? In my site i have three tables to store the login information of adminstrators and users 1. loginusers -> id, username, password, role, user_id, admin_id 2. user_details -> user_id, user_name, user_email and user_image 3. admin_details ->admin_id, admin_email and admin_image The term role in loginusers table specifies weather login user is admin or user. In my user_registration.php i have newuser form in which two field sets present , one with account information and another with personal information when user clicks on submit button both the information is storing in tables loginuser and user_details But the problem is with user_id in loginusers table. It should have the value to user_id in user_details How to perform this ? Here is the code PHP code in user_registration.php HTML code in user_registration.php :
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