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  1. thank you thats pretty much what i was ending up doing- i believe i follow most of the code some is new but i understand what you have done for the most part.. but i want to keep the content area fluid as when more content is added and remove allowing the footer to expand with the content, right now the footer is fixed..'
  2. yea i understand what you are saying , here is a link to the mockup im trying to code.. I was thinking of just having a big BG image for the whole page then fill the reset with the bg gif when its required...I have an idea how to code it , I know basic html and css just not a pro at it still learning, I just didnt know if I left the whole image for a BG was a good or bad idea i guess trial and error works best... http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v255/mest22/barber_mock.jpg
  3. ok i created a template in psd the client likes it now im trying to cut it up and get it looking the same for html use, i seem to be running into a problem tho, my menu overlaps my header, now i am trying to find the best way possible to slice this up and get it into code, do i slice it up into too diffrent images or sperate images and intergrate them indivdualy for each one for menu buttons.... when i do it as a header image then a menu image they dont overlap because of the auto padding due to each being its own div, so i said ok lets not make them overlap, but i run into the problem that the menu boxs dont line up with the images... im a bit confussed i didnt really stop and try to figure this out as i have 2 other projects i am doing aswell that are a bit easyer to get into code... thanks franco
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