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  1. Nothing to do with hardware video alpha, it's the colour calibration settings profile that basically makes sure that the colours, brightness, gamma, contrast appear correctly on that monitor.


    Any visual input or output device, such as monitors, printers and scanners should be calibrated so that the images appear the same on each device and on other peoples' equipment.


    The monitor should come with it's own calibration software and Adobe ships its own with its software "Adobe Gamma" I think. Run the saftware and follow its instructions.

  2. At the college where I work I use Adobe Indesign, far better than Quark and is most likely what the "gorgeous looking PDFs" were designed in.


    Photoshop can save as PDF and any text created using the type tools can appear as proper text in the PDF, you need to look at the PDF save options.


    That said, any application that has print capabilities can output to PDF if you install a "PDF printer". There are some free ones out there.

  3. Just as a note. In Firefox, all you have to do is open the "Page Info" box, click on the "Media" tab, select the image and then "Save As...". So even the transparent GIF trick isn't going to deter many.


    You could make your image really small, that way prints will look bad and won't be of much use on screen.

  4. I've looked at Acrobat at work today. What you describe only works if the pages themselves are of different sizes (i.e. inside pages created as spreads in the first place).


    Then you need to select:


    File>Properties - "Initial View" tab


    Magnification: Fit width (or fit visible)


    Page layout: Single Page Continuous

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