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  1. Simply just create a new folder called 'blog' and then install your WP there. Once you are done developing the new site then you can simply move the WP files over to the root. Before doing so, you will need to change the url setting via WP admin under Settings - General to match the root domain.









    Another note, you will want to turn off the search indexing while in development. You can find that under Settings - Privacy.

  2. Why? He showed me his account statistics. They pay from 1$ to 3$ for 1000 unique visitors.

    Even if that were true, if you could indeed get a 1000 unique visitors per day the maximum payout would be $90 max per month. That means you need 30,000 unique visitors per month to make only 90 bucks. With that many unique visitors you will more than likely make more money selling advertisement.


    Now the question is, based on your site traffic (unique visitors is not the same a hits), how many unique visitors are you getting now per month?

  3. I'm a bit confused about the "commented-out" code that I'm learning about in the Killersites tutorials.

    For instance:



    <!--[if lt IE 9]>

    <script src="http://html5shiv.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/html5.js"></script>




    I think this code is supposed to allow earlier versions of Internet Explorer to display things correctly.

    My questions:


    Are we supposed to leave it commented out???

    If so, why?

    If so, how does the browser react to it if the browser thinks it is only a comment???

    If we are NOT supposed to leave it commented out, why was it commented out in the lessons?

    Only IE can understand this type of conditional comment and so it knows to execute it if the conditional statement is done correctly just as you have shown in your post. To all other browsers it just a commented out code.

  4. Already tried that. I even downloaded all the pages and tried going through them but its overwhelming. I keep losing track among hundreds of HTML lines and id and class names. I was looking for something more simple. Enough to get a clear cut idea of the basic concept.


    If you are overwhelmed by this then it's best to start with the basic and thats learning HTML and CSS and how they work or function. Once you get comfortable with that then working on a parallax design would not be so overwhelming. Parallax is not something for a newbie.


    Also, I don't know what editor you are using but you might want to use an editor that defines color type for each code then it will be a bit easier to read. I use Expression Web 4 and I believe Dreamweaver does this to. There might be some free html editors that does the same thing.

  5. Problem #1:

    Please review this in IE:

    ht tp:// re/pc/viewPrd.asp?idproduct=1&idcategory=3 (remove two spaces)


    1. Scroll down where the color choice options are.

    2. Point and click your mouse over the input field of the 2nd color (031-Red). Don't enter anything and don't click anywhere else. You should see the vertical '|' cursor line flashing.

    3. Now move your mouse over the text '031-Red' that is on the left. It will popup a ajax popup to the right showing a full size square color image with some text info.

    4. Pay close attention to that popup and you will see the cursor line bleeding thru and flashing. It should not do that.


    Not much on the net about this issue and I have no clue what to do or look for.


    Here's what I done so far:

    A. Set the popup's z-index to be the highest number.

    B. Removed the overflow div frame from the color list.

    C. Disabled all css (except for the ajax popup).


    This only occurs in IE.

    Any suggestions?

  6. To put the icing on the cake, you can indeed have a id and class together as suggested earlier like this:


    <div id="main" class"content">


    But you can also have multiple classes within the same tag but not so for id.


    <div id="main" class"content green blue">


    You can set the css seperately or like this:


    #main.content.green.blue {properties: values;}

  7. Did the client just recently moved to Godaddy or was the mail script working ok back then? If it did work on Godaddy a year ago then you will need to check to see if GoDaddy updated the PHP version and compared that to the mail script you are using. The mail script may not support the latest PHP version.

  8. The odds are is that you are using a script specifically for Front Page which requires Front Page Extension to be enabled on your hosting account. Your host provider should help you with this if it's available.


    On that note, Front Page and Front Page Extension are way outdated and no longer supported. I would suggest you start learning some basic HTML/CSS. You don't need to use javascript to make good visual buttons. That's old school. CSS can do that for you.

  9. I need to be able to have 2 or more slideshow run on one page but I am unable to achieve this.




    I'm using Pickachoose but there is not much support or a forum.


    Here's what I've done so far.


    	<script language="javascript">
    			function (){


    The first one #pikame1 works but the second one does not. If I remove the first one from the script then the second one works fine by itself. Same thing if I remove one the id from the first <ul id="pixkame1"> from the unorderlist...the second ends up working.


    So I know I don't have any typos or errors. Its just that I can't seem to get two instances to work on the same page together. I even tried class and again the first one works but not the second. Seems to be some kind of conflict?



  10. It didn't work at first and so I doubled checked the number or open and close ( ) and { } and found a couple of them out of place and one extra.


    Here's the finished code:


    if(!isset($_POST['Full_Name']) || 
                   !isset($_POST['Email_Address']) || 
                   !isset($_POST['Telephone_Number']) || 
                   !isset($_POST['Your_Message']) ||  
                   !isset($_POST['AntiSpam']) || 
                   !isset($_POST['Desired_Date']) || 
                   !isset($_POST['affiliate']) || // radio buttons 
                   !isset($_POST['affiliate']) && $_POST['affiliate'] != 'Athlete' && !isset($_POST['affiliate_field']) // if 2nd/3rd radio button selected, make sure affiliate_field is filled in 
                   die('Sorry, there appears to be a problem with your form submission.'); // not sure if this should be "die()"?                  


    It's now passing the value corrently for the first radio button.


    The only issue I have now is validatation for the optional input field. I thought what you done would fix it but it didn't. I only need it to validate when the 2nd or 3rd radio button is selected but not cause an error if the 1st radio is selected because the input field will be blank by default.


    Here's the validation code:


    <script type="text/javascript">
    required.add('Full_Name','NOT_EMPTY','Full Name');
    required.add('Email_Address','EMAIL','Email Address');
    required.add('Telephone_Number','NOT_EMPTY','Telephone Number');
    required.add('Your_Message','NOT_EMPTY','Your Message');
    required.add('AntiSpam','NOT_EMPTY','Anti-Spam Question');


    Here's the core file for the validator:


    function has_id(id){try{var tmp=document.getElementById(id).value;}catch(e){return false;}
    return true;}
    function has_name(nm){try{var tmp=cfrm.nm.type;}catch(e){return false;}
    return true;}
    function $$(id){if(!has_id(id)&&!has_name(id)){alert("Field "+id+" does not exist!\n Form validation configuration error.");return false;}
    if(has_id(id)){return document.getElementById(id).value;}else{return;}}
    function $val(id){return document.getElementById(id);}
    function trim(id){$val(id).value=$val(id).value.replace(/^\s+/,'').replace(/\s+$/,'');}
    var required={field:[],add:function(name,type,mess){this.field[this.field.length]=[name,type,mess];},out:function(){return this.field;},clear:function(){this.field=[];}};var validate={check:function(cform){var error_message='Please fix the following errors:\n\n';var mess_part='';var to_focus='';var tmp=true;for(var i=0;i<required.field.length;i++){if(this.checkit(required.field[i][0],required.field[i][1],cform)){}else{error_message=error_message+required.field[i][2]+' must be supplied\n';if(has_id(required.field[i][0])&&to_focus.length===0){to_focus=required.field[i][0];}
    return tmp;},checkit:function(cvalue,ctype,cform){if(ctype=="NOT_EMPTY"){if(this.trim($$(cvalue)).length<1){return false;}else{return true;}}else if(ctype=="EMAIL"){exp=/^[a-zA-Z0-9._%-]+@[a-zA-Z0-9.-]+\.[a-zA-Z]{2,4}$/;if($$(cvalue).match(exp)==null){return false;}else{return true;}}},trim:function(s){if(s.length>0){return s.replace(/^\s+/,'').replace(/\s+$/,'');}else{return s;}}};



  11. Thanks for your patience Ben. I managed to get the radio buttons to work where the input field activates when choosing the 2nd and 3rd buttons. I am also able to pass all the variables to form process and email them to myself with the exception of the first radio button. When that button is chosen it gives me an error stating a field is not correctly entered. My suspicion is the input field is still requiring data entry. Somehow the logic requires some kind of if else statement but I don't have a clue how to approach that.


    Here's the partial code that initiate the varibles:


    if(!isset($_POST['Full_Name']) ||
    	!isset($_POST['Email_Address']) ||
    	!isset($_POST['Telephone_Number']) ||
    	!isset($_POST['Your_Message']) || 
    	!isset($_POST['AntiSpam']) ||
    	!isset($_POST['Desired_Date']) ||
    	!isset($_POST['affiliate']) || // radio buttons
    	!isset($_POST['affiliate_field']) // Input field when the 2nd and 3rd radio buttons are selected
    	died('Sorry, there appears to be a problem with your form submission.');		

  12. Ok..it's NOW working. I have no clue as to why I did not think of that before.


    The only issue I have now is the last radio button. Link


    Right now the first button is set as default thus keeping the input field disabled. I can then choose the second radio button and the input field will become enabled as it should. However, if I click on the third radio button first then it doesn't enable the input field.


    Looks like we need to add another line of code to make it work but I really don't have a clue why it's not working as is.

  13. I know just enough to not break a php site but I am trying to get this form to work. What I want is when a user clicks on one of the 3 radio buttons the input field below will become active allowing them to enter text. Right now that input field is active but i want it to be inactive until they choose either the 2nd or 3rd radio buttons.


    I am using a simple free form found here but the source code just does not have that function I am looking for.

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