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  1. From time to time, I get private messages from first time users requesting answer(s) to a problem. Since time is money, I cannot answer every question via privately for all those that request assistant. This is why the public forum exist so that new and seasoned coders can get solutions to problems for free.


    As for me, I don't mind helping people in the public forum in which I volunteer my time that is alloted to me. In addition, questions being asked in an public forum stand a good chance in getting a response within 24 hours and possibly along with a solution.


    Most of us here knows that and we make every effort to help those that are willing to help themselves.


    So to deter newcomers from posting private messages to obtain answers to a problem, I now reply back with this:


    Personal request for help via private messages requires a upfront initial payment of $50 to answer your question and $25 per question thereafter.


    Otherwise, I suggest you post your question(s) in the public forum in which the service is free.


    The above does not apply to active members that give their time in helping others.


    Archive link to discussion.

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