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  1. I think versions of IE that only works with XP is the reason because it's really NOT A STAND ALONE browser like Firefox, Opera, etc. which is why older versions of IE will not work with Windows 7.  As you know, MS always try to make all their software to have the ability to interact with their other software. In a way, that is a good thing except when you can't afford to upgrade.


    I am betting that there will be patch that will allow the users to install them manually.  Otherwise, XP is over 13 years old and if users just cannot upgrade then they should download an alternative software like Firefox.


    From a web developer perspective, I look forward to XP being history even though it has been a very good operating system.

  2. I agree with Andrea, trying to fill the screen of monitors that are wide screen and uses resolution greater than 1024 is a pain to read. However, you can still make a fluid site and yet keep the design to be no greater than 1024 by using media query.  Depending on what  you are trying to do,  it's possible to just use max-width:1024px but more than likely you will need to use media query if you plan on presenting it to all types devices including mobile and tablets.

  3. Thanks Andrea. I have been tinkering with it all day and so I am uncertain the one that worked for you is what I have up there now. Can you please check both numbers again to see if it work?  I am using tel:1-714 etc. etc. and tel:1-800 etc. etc.   I promise not to touch the code until Monday.


    Thank you.

  4. Thank Ben but it did not solve my issue.


    The first number with area code 714 is using tel: with the country code.  The 800 number is using the wtai: and again with the country code. I did this so you can see both options. Neither worked for iphone using safari. I am using browserstack to test this but I am baffled as to why it's not working.

  5. Can someone test this using IPHONE to see why it only works for android but not for iphone?




    The code I used is below:


    Note: I added a image link here for  just this post so you can see the code otherwise this forum strips them out:




    I have also tried the following:




    All are links using the anchor tag.  PLEASE note that this is occurring using Safari browser. I have no way to test for other browsers on Iphone.

  6. Hi Ben,


    The new 'dark' theme is awesome. THANK YOU!  As I post from time to time, if I find any issues or improvements that can be made I will let you know.  This theme lessen the eye strain. Nice job!

  7. Ben, it's not really an issue for those with good vision. In my case, a semi-black (dark grey) font on white background makes it a bit difficult to read especially if the posts are more than a few paragraphs long.  Right now the font color is 282828 and that's probably good for most people.  This is why I asked if it's possible to at least provide a dark/light option using a cookie or something and have a second css for dark colors such as black background(s) with white fonts.  Again, that's me but I thought I asked anyway. 

  8. I like the old format. I just simply click  and it will show the latest posts in the last 24 hours no matter how many posts there are.  One thing I would like to see change is set the default to be 48 hours instead of 24. (probably more ideal to be a custom setting for each user). Also,  I know you have a dropdown at the bottom to select how many days/weeks you can go back but you have to scroll down each time to change it. Maybe you can move that up to the top as well.

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