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  1. I too recommend the tool from interconnect. It's simply just one php file that you run, set up your db info and define a search query to find and replace. I currently use the 2.1.0 stable version.  I have not tried the 3.0 beta version and probably won't until it releases the stable version.  2.1.0 works flawlessly for me.

  2. The new Firefox 30.0 has been released along with Firebug 2.0.  Unfortunately, some of you may experience Firebug tool not working. The issue is caused by 'lazy oval optimization' via in Firefox.


    The solution is do one of the 3 following options:


    1. Revert Firefox back to previous version.

    2. Upgrade Firefox to 31.0 ALPHA


    3. (my preferred choice)  Uninstall Firebug 2.0; close and restart Firefox.  Go here to download the previous version of Firebug (1.12.8 - down near the bottom of the page).  Install it via using Firefox add-on installer.


    If you have auto updates turned on, you may want to disable that temporarily until the new Firefox 31.0 comes out or else Firebug may update the 1.12.8 version to 2.0

  3. I think you mean msvcr110.dll ('c' instead of 'x')


    First I would do is make sure you have your OS fully updated via Windows Update.


    Here's the file if the update does not resolve your problem:





    Here's a tool that you can use to fix such problems:


  4. Please view this page: jayfastener.com


    Look at the header.  There is a small section containing the company info (i.e email, phone, etc) and over to the far right is 'My Cart'.


    Below is the logo and horizontal menu.


    Now scroll up while watching the header change paying particular close attention to how the email, contact, my cart disappears  thus leaving only the logo and menu fixed to the top.  I know how to do a fixed header but I just don't know how to do it like that one.


    Anyone know of a short but effective tutorial on how to do that?  I tried grabbing the code from that blog but it was too cumbersome and I could never get it work.


  5. If my memory serves me correctly, I think that code came from Stu at cssplay.com where flyouts didn't work for IE7 or earlier unless that comment was in there. I know it's weird but it did work and without it just broke.  Of course that flyout example is long gone but I bet if I dug through all my old codes I could find it.

  6. I am younger than I actually feel... 49... & 3/4. I think. Part of my autism is a lousy memory, I mix up my age constantly adding or subtracting a year. But I like the 6 Billion answer.


    Not to turn this into a religious discussion... but even when I was younger I wondered how they figure 7 days. A "day" is based on the earth rotating around the sun. However the Sun was not created until the 4th "day", so what is the definition of a day prior to the sun? How do you even define a "day" in the life of a god, is he limited to man's definitions? So days 1-4 could be billions of years and days 5-7 24 hr. days.


    So either of the proposed answers could be correct. So I think we should compromise:  I am 6 Billion, 6 Thousand and 49 Years old (1,000,006,049... and 3/4) or for those who like to tell us their baby is 14 months old rather than just say a year -  83,333,837.42 months old. Anyone know what that is in dog years?




    NOTE: Stef is still avoiding answering. Your a guy, we are allowed to ask you you know.


    You are right, it's really not a place for religious discussion. However, your answer is in Genesis 1:3-4. 


    As for my age, I hit 56 this year but there are times I feel like 16 and other times like 106. My wife certainly keeps my heart young. :)

  7. We can best determine how old everyone is by what each one of us believe in.  If you believe in Creation then you can't be more than 6000 years old. However, if you believe in Evolution then you are at the very least a few billion years old.


    I don't know about the rest of you but I know for certain that I am not that old. :)

  8. UPDATE 2:  One thing you can try is to set that left column <aside id="left"> to have a min-height: 10px; and then you can remove that margin-left: 150px; from your #organizers #content css.


    Since <aside> has nothing inside it then it has no height thus your main content will shift over to the left which is the reason why I suggested to use min-height.  


    As to why it behaved differently for your work computer is beyond me but maybe for some reason it sense there was a 1px height which caused is push over to the right more than desired.

  9. UPDATE: I just tested this on browserstack for IE11 using Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 and they look fine. I also notice that the Windows 8 test option did not give me an option to test for IE11. Not sure why though because I can test IE11 for Windows 8.1.  I wonder, check to see what OS version is being used for the one that is not working right for you.

  10. I get similar issues like this with IE11. It looks fine on my computer but sometimes a client or two will says it's not displaying correctly. I have no clue why and I failed to ask what version of OS they are using but I really think IE11 has some issues. So far to date, I have about 2 people I know reverting back to IE10 and quite frankly I really don't like IE11 from a developer perspective.


    I will run a browserstack test for you.

  11. Oh the hacks! I sometimes felt so dirty using them. You would think that over time hacks would be behind us but it isn't so. I found issues with IE11 how it displays certain elements. Almost everyone I know does not particularly like IE11 as much as IE10.


    Perfection is still a long way off.

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