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  1. I recommend width of 990px. Trying to read website on a 1600px screen can be difficult. It's easier to read content at 990 vs 1600 because you don't have to read long lines of text.


    As for widening, it looks like most of your width settings are within tables: width="801" Just change that to 990 throughout. Then you will need to replace all those images must of which are sized at 801px;


    So it's not hard but I would never do a fluid site unless it has 3 or more columns. Fluid sites are just not that common but it's possible to make it work but not without making some changes on how images were used on this site.

  2. The code looks fine. Just make sure the images you are trying to use are in the /images/ folder and that the image names matches.


    One example of your code:


    <a href="images/1_b.jpg" rel="lightbox" title="Glasses"><img src="images/1_s.jpg" /></a>


    The following images per the code above should be in your /images/ folder:





    Check for typos.


    If that fails, I'd suggest you get this up on your hosted site. Not much we can do when we don't see what's going on. Alternatively you can zip your html page and related files and folders and upload it here so we can download it to review to figure out what's going on.

  3. Hi, sorry I forgot to answer that bit of your post! I'm only just in the process of setting up a hosting service etc so don't have anywhere to load anything at the moment.


    All I have done is set up a test 'site' of one page to see if I could get the script to run. What you see in the html is pretty much all there is, apart from the various Lightbox files.

    Just make sure the path are correct. Out of the box the folder setup is like this:



  4. Susie,


    You can try adding padding-right: 51px to this:

    #subnav li#menu-item-129 a



    ...which is around line 653.



    Just keep in mind that if that last link were to be replace with another link then the #menu-item-129 will also likely change thus requiring to update the css.

  5. See if this helps:


    From the top menu click on View / Show / Layer Edges


    This will turn on a thin blue border around the selected layer. Just correctly select the layer from the Layer Panel that you want to slice. There after you can slice the image like you normally do.


    Sometimes I would turn on only the layers that I want to crop/slice and then do Image / Trim / Transparent Pixels

  6. First, it does work for IE8 or earlier. It just doesn't work for IE9.


    Secondly, you can try a couple of things...


    1. Validate your HTML. You have 9 errors and it's possible one of those errors is causing it to not work correctly.




    2. Ge the latest lightbox code. I'm sure the css is find. You just need to upload the latest scripts.



    I would do number 2 first and then 1.

  7. Answer to 1, 2 and 3 is that you need a dynamic driven website so that it pulls whatever information on your database to display on the front end. You might check out Wordpress or Joomla to see how those programs work which are dynamically driven. Both of which may have plug-ins/add-ons to suit your need.


    Hosting your site youself is quite challenging in a sense that you have to do all the maintenance including any security issues. However, if I were to ever do one myself I would make two partions for each drive..one for Web and the other for database. The first drive would be your primary and the second drive would be your backup copy of the first drive if it should ever fail. You don't have to have two computers to do that.


    This link might be of some help. If not, just google the term "how to set up your own web server"

  8. If you are starting really small then maybe you should try Amazon store or Ebay store. If you do well then you can create your own site using a preferred by very reliable shopping cart.


    As for the two shopping cart you've listed, I am not familar with either one. The both of them are strictly an online service.


    You need to find out if your can export/import data just incase you want to move to another shopping cart. Secondly, security. Make sure they provide a comprehensive secure shopping experience for you and your shoppers. No one wants to have their personal info hacked, lost or stolen.


    Check the payment gateway. Do you they various payment gateways that you prefer to use?


    Marketing. Can you collect and use data for your marketing purpose such email newletters or campaigns?


    Check to how their support services are. It's one thing to get great services from their sales department but it's another thing when it comes to actual post-sale support related questions and answers.

  9. Use png transparency images for your content area using repeat-y. You only need it to be one pixel high. The top and bottom portion of the content area will use about 5-10 px high images.


    Assuming you have a fixed width wrapper you need to adjust the width to the outer edges of the shadow. Based on your image you've provide it looks like about 900px. The html would look something like this:



    <div id="wrapper">

    <div class="topbar"></div>

    <div class="contents">

    content goes here


    <div class="bottombar"></div>






    #wrapper {width: 900px;}


    .topbar {height: 10px; background: transparent url('top transparent png image here') no-repeat;


    .contents {overflow: hidden; background: transparent url('middle repeated transparent png image here') repeat-y;


    .bottombar {height: 10px; background: transparent url('bottom transparent png image here') no-repeat;



    It's just a rought draft but this should give you an idea on how to approach this and get the results you are looking for.

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  10. I like to add about the little credit at the bottom of the footer. If you so happen to use someone elses design whether it be a template or from a graphic artist, the best way to state your credit is like this: "Site by The Kasper Group". You can even use "Website by"


    Too often I see people use "Website Design by" but uses templates that was not even designed by them. To me that is misleading.

  11. This is great info guys! This week I am going to buy some web space to show what you guys have taught me.

    I am on a roll now that I am understanding div tags, lets say I have a container that is 980px wide and 100px high, how can I center my links 50% of the height?









    <div id="container">

    <a href="link.html">Link</a> (this is always displayed in the top left, I would like it to display middle left)



    Thanks for all the help!



    First off your Heigh: 100; is missing px; . Also, don't use uppercase for styles thus you use width instead of Width. It's okay to use uppercase for id and class names.



    To get your link to center the page you will need to make the div a table block using display: table-cell;



    Your css would look like this:







    display: table-cell;

    text-align: center;

    vertical-align: middle;




    It won't work for older browser such as IE7.

  12. I wonder what percentage (if any) of mobile devices are using IE broswer? I mean, before yesterday I never thought that IE had any business with phones.


    UPDATE: Well I did find this which in fact a IE mobile browser does exist along with a list of other mobile browser. However, I do not know what percentage of users uses it.

  13. To weird. Have you tried naming another sub-domain and intall WP there to see if it works?


    Note: I don't think it has anything to do with it but maybe somehow one of your add-ons, anti-spam scanners or virus scanner could be detecting something wrong with the domain name: www.wolf-gostitz.info thus causing to be flagged as spam?? :)


    Did you post your issue on that site I gave you?

  14. And i downloaded the notepad++ which does give colored text but colors are not editable are they?

    I never used notepadd++ but you might try GridinSoft Notepad Lite which does have color schemes for various situations plus you can edit colors. However, my version is quite old and so I do not know how the new version is if it allows you more or less things you can configure.

  15. I would run a virus scan for your computer. If you find nothing then run a online virus scan to make certain because some viruses can hide from pc's virus scanners once infected.


    This will take time to scan so you first might want to try clearing your cache again in this order:


    1. Do not be on the website that you are having trouble viewing.

    2. Clear your browser's cache for all your browsers.

    3. Close browsers.

    4. Verify that it has been cleared by viewing the file folder(s) that manages the cache.

    5. For some browsers you will also have to clear your cookies. However, instead of clearing it, see if you can locate the cookie(s) for that domain you are having trouble with and open them to see if you find anything suspisious. Otherwise, delete those related cookies.

    5. Reboot.


    I am not sure if this will resolve your problem but it is something that I have never ran into before. If you find that you are still having the same issue then go here and post your issue on that forum. I have gotten some good result to common and uncommon problems in the past.

  16. Thanks guys I really appreciate your opinion and help.


    So Eddie I hope you don't mind me asking where does TKG is hosted? Don't reply if you don't want to answer this.


    Kind Regards to all of you,


    Don Ross 76

    I am a resellar for a company called LiquidNet Ltd. They do not sell directly except only as an affiliate.


    Some reasons I like them is the control panel and the options along with flexibility. One other main reason is that for each new client I sign up I get a profit. Most host give you a nice benefit when you sign someone up to host with them and thereafter you get nothing else including renewals. Not the case with the provider I am using. I will keep getting profits for all renewals.


    The other reason why I like it is that even though they are based in the U.K. it has servers in UK, USA, Australia and Sweden. They are expecting another new server location sometime next year.


    Ticket support is great. In most cases my clients average about 10 minutes wait time for each ticket submission. Of course there is phone support but I never had anyone use it because the ticket systems seems to do the job.

  17. Godaddy (in my opinion) tends to be slow at setting things up. For instance, if I want to create a database then I can do so quickly on my host and it's ready to go immediately but if I were to do it at Godaddy I would have to wait for a bit. In most cases 10 minutes but at times longer. Some control panels are easy to use. Godaddy seems to be cumbersome for me and the menu is a bit too busy.


    Hostgator is a good host. They may have a few less whistles and bells but you will have less headaches as well. Whatever host you are thinking about to use always test their demo regardless of how good the review is so you can best determine if it suits you.


    Register at Godaddy and hosting elsewhere will not slow down anything. If anything probably a millisecond. Registering at Godaddy is good. Just find a host you like to use.

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