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  1. I have a form with radio buttons? I want to set how many times the options can be picked. Example: 2pm-3pm 3pm-4pm For the 2pm-3pm time I want users to only be able to pick the 2pm-3pm 4 times, for the '3pm-4pm' time- only 5 times?.When the 2pm-3pm has been picked 4 times that option disappears. I want to be able to entre how many orders per radio button... And as the orders fill up the remaining orders decrease and option eventually disappears form frontend... How is this possible to do? Do I need to put a Id on each radio button? I REALIZED THAT THIS SHOULD BE IN A SERVER LANGUAGE CATEGORY becuase it deals with valuating a form...Moderator please feel free to delete I've re-posted in ASP 0- as I don't have option to delete in new forum
  2. Thanks for your help all. Still looking at the info...Just a quick note -Eric- your site is a great help. I bookmark it as a reference for myself!
  3. lwsimon the code does not seem to work right but that's okay Is the use of hide/show layers a good way to provide navigation for a website? (I dont like when a website has to load another page when people click a link seems redundant when most of the content does not change) I did read the 'Javascript Tutorial'. Now if I understand it correctly Dreamweaver creates the code (function) for the Javascript (MM_showHideLayers). Are functions created individually (by programmer or program) or are there also master type functions (like in php) that control different things/actions? If there are is there a list of them? The tutorial spoke of something called DOM and object orientated programing but did not cover these two terms.
  4. Don't see any edit tag.. I see Report, Quote Maybe only super members (Advanced Members) have this option.
  5. There does not seem a way to EDIT a post like there was in the other forum..Is this something that might be added? I liked this feature. As well I 'think' that it would be great to have the following sticky? (dedicated ) topics Host Providers Subtopics -different hosts Web.com e commerce sub topics -different carts ex. Zen Cart Product Cart X-Cart Just a suggestion...I found it almost impossible to get good info on these topics and a forum dedicated to this may help others.
  6. Ok tks FYI-I learned that you can include the 'function?' of different divs together in the brackets() pic2 Does anyone know how to get the div to stay visible onClick when you are using onmouseout and onmouseover commands I want to be able to click the link and the div stays visible... dog Also is there a good website tutorial on JavaScript/dreamweaver on showhide layers?
  7. Sorry about posting in wrong area. Did not know that this is Javascript. Is Javascript the same as Action Script? I have a Action Script book kicking around that I could use to help me understand behaviors. Yes this did help should get me going..Thanks
  8. Hi, Im trying to learn how to hide one div and show another div onClick I know the following code is wrong but I think you will get what I would like to do pic2 is one div id pic is another div id www.leism eister.com/hidediv.htm -remove space
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