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  1. Oh! It may be the second spot in the database. I can only find one place where it lists the website path. I must find the second path. That may do it, and wonky is when it looks like the picture added. one is from when I didn't change the site url and the second photo is from where I did. Also once I changed the site URL, my top page navigation disappeared. Thanks for being so darn helpful, Ben!
  2. Also, when I go into the database table into wp_options and change the site url from the real site to, the site looks super wonky.
  3. New issue. Thank you Ben for sending me that link. Now: When i type localhost, it goes directly to where i want to go, but then when I press any page it doesn't go to localhost/about or, it goes to the actual URL/about. argh! What do I do?
  4. Argh I am so close. Its frustrating but I am learning a lot. The files that I inherited are separated into filesystem backups and database backups. I assume I need to put a filesystem backup (that has all of the wp files) and the corresponding database backup (that are all .sql formats) into one folder, correct? When you say if I am running map the username is root and the password is root, is that when I open the database, or is that what I type into my wp_config.php file? I attached a screenshot of what it looks like when I open a database backup and when I open the filesystem backup http://tinypic.com/r/2w5j5sx/8 http://tinypic.com/r/5c15qx/8 I feel like such a newbie!
  5. Hi there, For me I love Bluehost, GoDaddy and Host Gator are less expensive, but if you're truly starting out Bluehost is great. They are very available via chat or phone if you have any issues, and will actually give you pointers if you work with WordPress or Joomla. I kind of consider it elementary school, and then you graduate to other, less expensive hosts.
  6. Hi Ben, I think this may be the problem! My wp_config.php file has the information for the live website. How do I change this to my local computer? What would a sample look like? Currently it has the database username and password for the real database for the live site. These areas have the information for the real site // ** MySQL settings - You can get this info from your web host ** // /** The name of the database for WordPress */ /** MySQL database username */ /** MySQL database password */ /** MySQL hostname */ /** Database Charset to use in creating database tables. */ /** The Database Collate type. Don't change this if in doubt. */ ** * WordPress Database Table prefix. * * You can have multiple installations in one database if you give each a unique * prefix. Only numbers, letters, and underscores please!
  7. How do you know that your site has been hacked? What do you do if your site has been hacked? Also, what does it really mean that your site has been hacked? Just that someone has gotten into your database? Thanks! xoxo Lita
  8. Hi Ben, I have copied the database over. I fortunately have all of the back-ups too. Horray! Yes I'm using the correct username/pw, but I am confused what you mean about what i need to change in wordpress. I think this may be the key to my issue!!
  9. Trying to wrap my mind around it all

  10. Hi everyone! I'm a web newbie and I've only made new websites. i've never taken over an existing website before. I work pretty much only in wordpress, but I've dabbled with Joomla, and I can make basic website coding through dreamweaver. As you can see, this is all pretty much front end stuff. A friend of mine recently fired her web developer (billing issues), and asked if I can redesign her site. I warned her this is out of my league, but agreed to give it a shot. Because the site is existing. I can't just edit things to the live site like I've done with others. I'm going to recommend a new wordpress theme, but wanted to try a few themes out before I made my final recommendation. So I want to test these things out before they go live. So I understand the idea, that I need to make a local test server, that essentially is a mirror of my live site. And on this test server I can feel free to play around and change things. So I downloaded MAMP, assuming I'd use that to set up my server. When I do so, it tells me that there is an error establishing a database connection. I checked to make sure that everything looked right in my wp-config.php file and it does. So now I'm confused. So this brings up a few questions: 1. What am I doing wrong with respect to MAMP 2. Is there a different way besides MAMP? 3. I have another site that I've used previously as my demo site. Is there a way to copy all of my files from the new live site (wordpress and all) and import them to my existing site? my existing site is just live all of the time, but who cares, no one is looking at it. Then once I make all of the changes i want, can't I just then copy all of these new files, and then upload them to the new site? Thanks! You all are wonderful! xoxo Lita
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