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    Embedding Mp4

    Hello, I'm trying to embed MP4 videos into a webpage. Does anyone have the code for that?
  2. I'm using Phpbb. Is there anything for that? I've done some searching and I'm not coming up with anything
  3. Actually what I'm trying to do is mirror the site on a new domain. (I just figured that out today.. hooray!!) And I have my reasons for not just wanting to transfer eveything over. Alot of it comes down to the way I use the sites and who I get to look at them. (I'm not worried about google or any kind of traditional online traffic per say.. ) What I've found is a php script and .htaccess that will do exactly what I want. So I'm going to abandon the iframe idea. But unfortunately I've got php and .htaccess problems now. So I'm going to try and see what I can do for the next 24 hours and if I get stuck (and I probably will) I'll post my questions in the correct section
  4. I use the site twitterfeed with that I can add multiple tags
  5. It's basically a "keyword" just like the metatag in an html page. It works like this... Let's say you sell cars and you want to tweet about them. You would add the # sign before the keyword. ie: #Cars
  6. Can something like this be intergrated with a forum?
  7. Ok let me first start by saying I'm not worried about search engine traffic or bookmarking. So a never changing static URL works just perfectly fine for me. As it stands I have 2 seperate domains (an old one and a new one) and I'm using this code on the new domain. <frameset rows="100%"> <frameset cols="100%"> <frame src="http://OLD**** Domain.com/index.php"; frameborder="0" scrolling="no"> </frameset> </frameset> The problem is that I have a lot of links on the old domain and the moment one of them is clicked the URL changes to the old domain. I don't want that to happen. So what's the best way to mask the URL so that it always says "New****Domain.com"
  8. Hello to all, Well I'm not much of a web designer/master/programer/etc. In fact, I'm not even really too happy owning a computer. But it's a necessary evil in my life and I'm required to do some web-work on occaision. Therefore since I'm constantly running into problems because I lack a lot of knowledge... I decided to register here and see if I can learn what I need to know as I stumble around in my computer. I promise to do my best not to be a help vampire and to contribute to conversations.
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