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  1. I am having an issue with duplicate pages being found on my site. I have looked into this a lot. Different pages are doing it for different reasons. Some, like the home page are doing it, due to a www no-www problem. Some are doing it because the pages themselves are too similar. Others, I believe, are doing it because of user ID numbers assigned to the URL when a customer logs in. (The last I am unsure whether I can really fix) Here is my problem. Like many on here, I am sure, I know very little about coding. Especially PHP. My boss wants to try to accomplish this in house. Yes, I unders
  2. I am working in VBulletin 4.2.1 and I am just trying to change a sentence that is on the home page of my forum. I can not find this darn thing to change it! I downloaded Firebug in hopes that it would help me in locating but no luck. Is there a simple way to see something on this forum, that I did not create, and find a sort of path that I can follow in VBulletins coding. Simple is not the best word, I mean a more accurate way. I have been searching in the edit styles and templates section. I looked in the template manager. I'm just going in circles now. Help would be very much appreciate
  3. I recently brought a page from my website into Dreamweaver and added some code than uploaded it back onto my page. Now just that page of the site is in ruins and has this message repeating over and over, the difference being what file the script is looking for: Warning: include_once(MaxAmpsDigital/public_html/vsadmin/db_conn_open.php) [function.include-once]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/maxamps/public_html/70and100mphclub.php on line 5 Warning: include_once() [function.include]: Failed opening 'MaxAmpsDigital/public_html/vsadmin/db_conn_open.php' for inclu
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