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  1. Thank you. I've just emailed him. I wouldn't mind buying the content, but the KSU subscription pricing at $99 for a year was more in my budget than the hundred dollars worth of content. Hopefully he lets me register..
  2. ^Thank you for the answers. I was trying to test out the free first chapter to see how I like it but it says registration is closed? Are you guys not accepting anyone else? Please let me know, thanks.
  3. So, I'm contemplating spending the money for the 3 month or the 1 year subscription to Killersites Uniersity, but I wanted to ask a few questions to people that have used it or to the creator of the videos. My knowledge on coding is around the intermediate level I'd say. I've got good HTML knowledge but I'm still trying to fully master CSS knowledge as there's a lot more to take in than HTML, but I can manage when it comes to coding a site in html/css and deciphering code. I've completed all the courses on Code Academy and I've tried learning using W3Schools but I learn best when it's interactive learning that comes with hands on projects and W3 kinda reads more like a book than interactive work. What I want to know is.. Will the sites courses give me detailed info on hand coding or is everything taught in Dreamweaver? ..I have Dreamweaver, but I'm told that I should learn hand coding before heading into dreamweaver. Has anyone started from beginners/intermediate level coding and progressed because of this class? If so, please post up your story. Will these courses show me how to code AND design or are they mainly focused on coding? Any and all feedback is appreciated. If you've purchased the subscription package and feel it wasn't worth it, please post why. If you feel it was worth it, please post why as well. Greatly appreciate anyone that replies, thanks!
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