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  1. I have used an older version of AlbumWeb Pro for years now as the basis of online photo albums[galleries?]for myself and my gal-friend. We are in the process of updating and adding to them right now. I have been somewhat disgruntled with this app because it is a bit clunky, and also has to have become a bit outdated by now. But, I really like the format hierarchy of a front page with index pages and finally image pages, plus the ability to customize the appearance of the output. My gal-friend and I each have an album online made with this software: http://gailbuck.com/ http://www.mrcorrell.com/ I cannot find any online album software that says that it can give me these capabilities of handling the photo groupings in a similar manner, plus the customization abilities. So, for that reason, plus just wanting to learn about web design, I am wanting to design my own albums. This project is probably a bit complex to start learning with. But, it is my reason for wanting to. I'm thinking that I need to find or make a template set that will allow the album to be built with. I understand that I will need to learn a lot of basics that I have little to no understanding of. One question: Are those online albums "galleries of albums", or " albums of galleries"? So, can anyone point me to existing applications that can do the job I want done, or better yet, point me to where I can begin my search for Dreamweaver templates that could do the job? One final question: Am I off in La-la land?
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