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  1. Continuing to play around, I've been combining scripts I'm finding to make some improvements: 1) One scroll script for all the various scrolling (I had up to three different ones at one point) 2) Nav that collapses into the three-line icon below 700px 3) Contact form that takes on full width below a certain size Here's the latest test version: SNIP Planning to test on PC tomorrow but any thoughts in the meantime? Edit: never mind, that scroll code is flickering on ios devices in an annoying way. This solves 2 and 3 but not 1: http://bit.ly/1a9hzD1
  2. You know me too well! I actually made that and experimented with having it under each item and then as a sticky in the corner of the browser at all times (position:fixed) but removed it. Maybe I'll try just putting it after each section and see if it doesn't busy it up... Thanks again!
  3. Alright, I've made tons of little changes, including your suggestions. If you feel like taking another look and confirming that they work let me know. Thanks for all your feedback. You are a gentleman and a scholar! same link: http://bit.ly/189aXUB
  4. Weird. But thanks for pointing that out. I like the script that isn't working for you better but I'll go with what works. Here's yet another link with the working script for the menu (and, unfortunately, a different script for the arrows. ugh) plus an in-page contact form per your suggestion, which was a really good one: http://bit.ly/189aXUB Testing it on all my devices... It works on Kindle! hehe
  5. huh, I'm using a new script and it's working everywhere I'm testing. What browser are you using? Thanks for checking...
  6. Yeah, I was using a subdirectory just to test certain things but it was breaking other things. Try this: http://bit.ly/17xVtoE
  7. Thanks for the link. I'm going to think on elements that could make a cool parallax effect but, as you see, I'm trying to total simplicity so I don't want to shove something in for no reason. I did pull some code off that site to make a more fleshed-out nav (in a test page for now: http://bit.ly/1ahtziD ) and also included some of Ben's additional feedback above. Thoughts?
  8. Psssh don't mind me. There is a link in the heading but either way I didn't realize the thread is so old. I guess this area doesn't get tons of traffic...
  9. I don't want to be harsh but I think you need to go back to the drawing board. Web design has come long way in the last 15 years and I think you'd do well to study some successful sites. That's not to say you need to busy your site up with clutter, but there's a lack of "design" going on here, both in terms of the visual elements and their placement/structure. What websites have you been using for inspiration? Do you have access to a recent version of Adobe Creative Suite? Tools are just tools but you need a strong foundation to start with. I'm not saying I have it down perfectly either. This stuff can be tough!
  10. Alright! Made a lot of changes! Let me know what you think.
  11. Great, thanks for these comments. I was cobbling it together this morning (total development time so far has only been a couple of hours) so I have some unnecessary stuff in there for sure. I will simplify. I'll also think about including multiple images per project if possible. Still not sure about the whitespace being an issue, but I did just throw some mediaqueries in there to help with the header on smaller resolution devices... edit: I just stripped out a bunch of the extra stuff and everything seems to be working and it all validates. Also, slimmed down the space between screenshots on smaller resolutions, tweaked the color to the arrows, did some other stuff. Man, I forget how much I love playing with code...
  12. Thanks for the comments. I'm a big white-space fan but maybe I went overboard. I'll play around. As for links, like I said, a good chunk of those sites either don't look like that anymore or have been changed in ways that don't represent my contribution. I'm ok with not linking. Also, this is purely a site that people would access from my resume or something like that so i don't need to worry about explaining it to random passersby, i don't think. But i could be wrong there. What do you think of the responsiveness and of the overall experience of scrolling. I wanted to avoid lots of clicks and thumbnails and all that old stuff. It's kind of tablet and phone oriented in a way. (although I haven't been able to test in ie yet... Scary... ) And my old account wasn't that exciting. Mostly "why don't my rollovers work???"
  13. Hey there! I used to be very active on this site when I was a freelance web designer, although I've been working full time in HTML email for the last three years or so and my skills have gotten... rusty. (also I have no idea what my old account was so I had to start a new one...) I have an opportunity to apply internally for a role with more wide-spread design work, both graphical and web. My old portfolio site was just links out to site that I did, many of which no longer look like what I made or have disappeared. So I very quickly threw together a responsive gallery this morning that is meant to be extremely simple and to the point. Please take a look and give me your thoughts: http://bit.ly/1ggBxyA This isn't a request for a portfolio review, although if there is something on there that you think is just atrocious you could pipe up, I guess. It's my first responsive site so hopefully it all works the way it's supposed to. I want it to stand on its own and I left out any kind of wordy biography or "welcome to my website" verbiage. I also made it with an eye towards mobile devices, with gestural suggestions etc... Let me know if you think it works! (The resume is a dead link for now while I finish it up...) Thanks in advance!
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