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  1. Problem is resolved! When I changed the permalinks I also had to set up 301 redirects - https://support.google.com/webmasters/answer/93633?hl=en from the old links to the new ones, otherwise Google's indexed pages kept directing to a 404 error So untill new indexes were created I was basically invisible to search!
  2. Hi pvader, thank you for your reply and the woorank report, it definetly gave me a few new ideas. I've tried searching with and without being logged in my google account. The fact is a week ago, when looking up the terms "папки за меню", "папка меню" the website used to show up on the first page of search. I've tried it on multiple computers then. Now it doesnt I'm sure I must've done something and wonder what it could have been and if it is reversable? In the mean time I've resubmited the sitemap as you suggested, and I'm waiting to see if that leads to any results. Thanks again for
  3. Until last week my website was showing at the first page on google search for a few searcher. This is no loger the case, and when looking those same words again my website is nowhere to be found I try searching site:http://menutabg.com and it shows all my pages, so they are indexed. The only thing I've done recently is that I've changed the permalinks to my pages, and re-submited a sitemap to webmaster tools. I'm really stumped by this, and dont know why it happened or how to fix it? My website is http://menutabg.com, sitemap is http://menutabg.com/sitemap.xml Thanks Ivo ED
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