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I am looking for volunteers who are native speakers of various languages to translate articles from

You don't have to translate everything—every contribution helps. Even if you only want to translate a single article into a single language, that will be very helpful.

Which Articles Should I Translate?

Whichever you want! Here is an initial list, but feel free to translate any article on Killersites you want - if an article has already been translated, this will be indicated like so: Article Name (LANGUAGE ALREADY TRANSLATED INTO):


  • Please don't use Word since that adds a lot of messy formatting codes that we have to work very hard to remove.
  • I would suggest that you just translate the articles right in the HTML pages themselves and just email me back the HTML page.
  • You will have your name credited as translator.

How do I submit a translation?

When you have perfected your translation, email it to me. I will usually only accept the first translation submitted for each language.

Many thanks,

Stefan Mischook

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