Dreamweaver CS4 video tutorial – new features


I just released the first of a few video tutorials on the soon to be released Dreamweaver CS4.

CS4 has a few great new features that I have found to be real time savers and are really worth another look:

– Workspaces
– Code Navigator
– Related Files

Video: Dreamweaver CS4 new features


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4 Responses to “Dreamweaver CS4 video tutorial – new features”

  1. Camilo says:

    Thanks for the review Stefan. Do you think the php part of dreamweaver has been improved? I still have dreamweaver 8 and I don’t think the php editor is of much help.

  2. Hi Camilo,

    As far as I can tell the PHP features are not much different.


    I think we will have to wait until CS5!


  3. matt says:

    as from what i know about cs4,
    its main feature is that its going to be 64 bit,
    which means if you have a big enough file, and a fast enough computer youll notice the difference, if not then stick with cs3, or if your old fashiond the macromedia 8 suit.
    also im unsure when to as cs4 will be released for mac, last i heard they were starting to rewrite the code to fit the new mac code, and would be released after pc version.

    and as for php editors for a pc i use crismon editor or notepad++ both free both great.

    hope i helped.


  4. As far as I can tell, the Mac version is being developed instep with the Windows version.