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Intuition behind 'clearing' columns to position footer


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Hi guys,


Whilst I'm learning CSS, I'm also trying to understand it. Why certain code does what it does.


Something I can't get my head around though is the code:




<div class = "clear"> </div>




.clear {clear: both;}



I used this to get my footer to the bottom of the page beyond my two columns (it didn't before). I placed it after the divs for my columns.


Apparently this is necessary when you float the columns above it. Can someone please explain to me why the footer gets out of place and how this code resolves it?


Many thanks



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Floated divs don't give their height to a parent container div, so a following unfloated div like a footer will move up over floated divs until it hits something that isn't floated. So a clear div (which is unfloated) after the floated divs keeps lower content down below the floated divs.


In fact there are two uses for a clear div, positioned after the floated divs but just before the </div> of the container will drag down the background of the container to the bottom of the floated divs. Items 2a and 2b explain this effect on backgrounds:-



A clear div positioned after the floated divs and just after the </div> of the container above will keep lower divs in their place without affecting the background of the container above.

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Just a little side note, to shorten your code in your CSS you can:


#footer {

clear: both;



I add this to every footer wither I need to clear a left or right or both, float. I just clear both as a habit just to make sure that I have it covered and do not forget as I am writing my CSS and do not have to go back and fix it. It has become such a habit that I catch myself doing it on sites where I do not even have a floated content.

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