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Beginner’s Javascript Closed Captioned Training Tutorial – Loops Part 1


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From our Beginners Javascript Course, this is the first closed captioned video tutorial in a series, where we explain “looping” in Javascript.


We are happy to announce that we are well on our way to closed captioning all of our Web Design and Web Programming related video training courses.




To find more courses on Javascript, check out our Killersites Video Tutorial Library!


Note that all of our videos are in a higher quality when purchased from our Killer Video Store or by subscription to our Video Tutorial Library!






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You guys should have a fore runner go through your university class questions or tests - namely the actual code tests.

Because on few occasions the questions are not complete or informative enough for an outsider to possibly get right.


For example In the Beginners Javascript class in the Loops chapter Review test:


It wasn't explained if a while loop or for loop was desired (and it seems that the test will only except one correct answer)


and part of the question went something like this:

"when i is less than 20 write "i" multiplied by "x"


And the test required a value for "x" but no value was given (I did give the expression document.write(i*x); but it did not receive it).


I love how you guys went to the effort for one to have a code test, but it seems the program is not flexible for more than one correct answer;

so my suggestion is that you send a forerunner through the course to make sure all necessary information is in the question to at least have the possibility of giving a correct answer.


Half the fun of your courses is if one might possibly achieve an "A" or a maximium score, and see if they can write an appropriate code as per instruction (as like practice to a boss).

Anyway, just making you aware, so you might see how potential learners might get confused or frustrated (don't know why they can't get the answer right) - even though they might still get basics they might have slighted or view your university endeavors as unprofessional.


I think the course tests are a great idea, just letting you know it could be tuned up or debugged to have a real satisfaction from a customer perspective.

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