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Integrating with Google maps api


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Hello all,


Am continuing work on a little personal project i've had going and have encountered a few problems. Basically i'm trying to integrate google maps into my site. I've been using the this class currently as it's the best i've found for the purpose so far.


Reading on the google maps documentation the way they recommend is to write the point to an xml file and then read them and send them through the api to create the map, however this won't work for me as i'm trying to use it a bit differently


Very basically here's what i'm trying to do:


On my site users can register. Registered users can then enter records of places they have been. I want users to then be able to view a map of where they have been and where they haven't been if that makes sense! So i'm looking for some kind of php javascript or jquery or some combination script that would be best to do this.


The class above is the best i've found so far but does have its limitations. I was wondering if anyone has had any experience integrating with google this way and or if a better solution is available.


Thanks for any advice in advance,



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