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Clear Cache from Flash or HTML

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Is there a way to clear the cache from Flash or within the html?


I have two Flash files communicating together via php/mysql.


Every time you click a link in Flash file A, it sends a number to a mysql table via php and reloads the html page Flash file B is on. Flash file B checks the mysql table via php and loads an xml page based on that number.


Works fine in all browsers except ie, which caches the Flash page and keeps loading the same page(unless you clear the cache)


So what i need is a way to clear the cache either from Flash or from the html page.


Any suggestions?



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try adding that tag to the end of the link. The link in your flash A would like something like

<A HREF='http://www.domain.com/link.php?resetcache=true'>

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ok, didn't work.


For some reason ie8 is caching the Flash so it does not update on page load. ie6&7 (+all other browsers)work fine!


I guess i have to do a browser test and load a different file for ie8!


Thanks anyway

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