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PDO no longer found when using namespaces


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Now that I'm implementing namespaces, PDO is no longer being found. I'm doing:


$this->db = new PDO('mysql:dbname=db;host=localhost', 'root', '');


It's trying to find application\path\PDO.php which is not the case. I tried doing:


$this->db = new \PDO('mysql:dbname=db;host=localhost', 'root', '');


but that didn't work. The current namespace I'm using is:


use \application\database as Mapper;


Then I did:


$this->db = new Mapper\PDO('mysql:dbname=db;host=localhost', 'root', '');


But that was no good either. It keeps looking for a physical file PDO.php. Not sure where I'm going wrong?

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Hi This might help you.

$db = new PDO('mysql:host=localhost;dbname=<SOMEDB>', '<USERNAME>', 'PASSWORD');
$stmt = $db->prepare("select contenttype, imagedata from images where id=?");
$stmt->bindColumn(1, $type, PDO::PARAM_STR, 256);
$stmt->bindColumn(2, $lob, PDO::PARAM_LOB);
header("Content-Type: $type");
echo $lob; // fpassthru reports an error that $lob is not a stream so echo is used in place.

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