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External stylesheet is not working


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I'm trying out the php shoppingcart tutorial, Paypal-4-building-the-catalog-page.mov

In index.php in the head





margin: 0 0;

padding: 0 0;

font-family: Helvetica, arial, sans-serif;


/* template */



margin: 0 auto;

background: #EEE;





width: 980px;

padding: 9px;

background: #FFF;

border: 1px solid #EFEFEF;

margin: 0 auto;

text-align: center;



It's not working in Safari.

Where should I take a good look at?

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If it works in all other browsers except Safari, then that's very unusual.


Try clearing the Safari cache as it may not have been downloaded properly, or at all.


Try deleting @CHARSET "UTF-8"; from the very top of it; it's usual to put a meta tag for the charset in the page head section.

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Does it work in any browsers? If not, it's probably a path problem.

means that the css file main.css is in a sub-directory/folder called css of the one that the php file is in, so check that the css folder/directory is a sub-directory.


ALSO delete the / before the css/main.css:-


(An alternative would be:-

where the css folder is in a higher level directory/folder than the one containing the php file) as .. / goes up a level.)

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