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I use CMS Made simple for almost all of my projects and use the Gallery module. It is really simple to use. After it is installed,

1) create a directory inside the uploads/images/Gallery directory

2) upload images

3) go to the Gallery module and your Gallery (or Galleries if you have multiple sub directories) will be listed.

4) each photo can have a title and description


the Gallery module comes with many templates that can be customized and offer basic lightbox type layouts, thickbox, and more. Steps #1 and #2 above can be done via FTP or the built in File Manager.




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I'm looking for image thumbnail viewer ( on mouseover exclusively) which client can update just changing image folder, not touching any HTML. May be be somebody seen such wp plugin or script to it?


Are you looking for a Puree CSS solution or JS? And the client can always just upload a new image with the same image name to over wright ofcourse. So they wouldn't have to touch the html.

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