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Hi there

I've just started a fresh website for a non-profit organisation (meaning I won't get paid), so my options are: doing it as fast as possible, with minimum costs, standard interface, easy maintenance, strong community support.

Therefore, being pragmatic, I've chosen WordPress (but i struggled finding out an appropriate free plugin... so I need to code it: PHP + mysqli).


Now, this npo asked me for me a simple booking system for their training sessions.

The business rules are:

1) several sessions available: A, B, C and D

2) A B C and D happen several times in a week

3) each user can book all 4,  but can only book 1x (for the each session)

4) limit of seats per session: 20

5) total users : 100 (some will be left out, as soon as limit has been reached).

6) priority : FIFE (first in , first ENROLLED)

4) no payments involved


My question is: which "tools" would you advise me? 

a  ) create a new page OUT  of WordPress with PHP? + mysqli?

b  )  create a new page OUT of WordPress with JAVASCRIPT?

c  ) create a new page WITH  of WordPress with existing PLUGIN? nope, I couldn't find any suitable!

d  ) any other suggestion?


Having done my research, many suggestions and recommendations show up...but I'd like your opinion according to your own experience.


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