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Flash Player in Div with Options to Pop-up or Close


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I have a flash player in a div that automatically starts playing when the page is loaded. I keep it fixed it the corner so people can quickly find it and turn it off if they want. Here's what I'm looking to do:


1) I would like to give them the option before they navigate away from the page to make the player pop up in a new window so that they may continue listening without interruption. Perhaps I could put the option right above the player.


2) I would also like to make the div collapsible or closable and stay that way as folks navigate through the site for their convenience. That means the player would cease playing as well.


Is this possible? If so, how?


Any help would be greatly appreciated. I've been Googling for hours to no avail. The website if you need it is http://jeremysarber.com

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it is not that I experience some trouble loading (the loading time is about 30-40sec)- it is better that sound from the website not jump on a visitor right away ( as a downside of "autoplay" option)

As for lightbox - rather not lightbox in your case but js opening of popup window with standalone player - like described here for example.

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Let me try something different. Basically, I only wanted the player to start automatically when the show is live anyway. All these extra measures were to keep visitors from getting annoyed. Is is possibly to only autostart when the show is live?


Here's the player:


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as for now, you have


in the code so the player will always start the playlist. You will need some script snippet to let the player start on event.

So i think could be an idea to look into podcasts here. You can pick some tips on how to manage that from social networking sites like ustream for example ( boagworld podcast use it.)

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